Seth Green Net Worth: What Was His Salary From Family Guy?

Seth Green is a $40 million-dollar-rich American actor, voice actor, director, writer, and producer. Seth Green is most known for his roles as Scott, the son of Doctor Evil, in the “Austin Powers” films and for providing Chris Griffin’s voice on the animated television series “Family Guy.”

Seth Green Net Worth

Seth Green Net Worth is $40 Million currently. On February 8, 1974, Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green, better known by his stage name Seth Green, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He has a sister named Kaela, and his parents are Barbara (née Gesshel) and Herbert Green. He was brought up Jewish. His forefathers originated in Scotland, Poland, and Russia. Seth Benjamin Green became his legal name when he requested that it “reflect [his] professional stage name”

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Seth Green’s Salary From Family Guy

Each of the main voice actors for Family Guy receives $100,000 per episode. That amounts to about $2 million a year for each performer. From the selling of DVDs, merchandising, and syndication agreements, they can make additional royalties. Comparatively speaking, The Simpsons’ main voice performers get each $300,000 annually, but they threatened to quit the show permanently a few years ago, leading to a higher contract.

Seth Green Net Worth

Seth Green Personal Life

Green and actress Clare Grant got married on May 1st, 2010, after being engaged on the set of New Year’s Eye in 2009. They have collaborated on numerous television programs and motion pictures, such as “Robot Chicken,” “Changeland,” “Holidays,” “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and others.

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