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Shadows House Season 2: Is It Confirmed?

Shadows House Season 2

Shadows House Season 2

Shadows House Season 2: Is It Confirmed? The release date for the second season of the anime series Shadows House has been confirmed, as have the opening and closing songs.

In April 2021, as the Spring anime season began, people anticipated great things from The Slime Diaries, Tokyo Revengers, and My Hero Academia season 5.

However, few viewers anticipated Shadows House to become one of the most compelling shows on the schedule, tantalizing fans with incredibly engaging characters and a mystery plot.

In a brand-new teaser trailer debuted at AnimeJapan 2022, the release window for Shadows House season 2 was officially confirmed to be Summer 2022; now, the exact release date has been announced.

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Shadows House Season 2 Plot/Story

The second season of “Shadows House” will likely pick up where the previous season left off. Kate, Emilio, and their pals had discovered some grim truths regarding the nature of the titular Shadows House and the link between shadow people and live dolls the last time viewers saw them on the show. The audience learned that the live dolls were actually human youngsters kidnapped from a nearby town and brainwashed into serving the shadow people.

Kate will likely continue her journey to uncover the sinister history of the mansion, liberate the living dolls, and undo Emilico’s brainwashing in Season 2. However, it appears that the voyage will only become more arduous, as Edward has vowed to eliminate Kate and her companions at any costs for upsetting the power structure of the house. During Season 2, these two powers will almost probably clash. It appears from the official promotional image in the Funimation press release that additional mystery Shadows House-affiliated characters may also be making an appearance, but fans will have to wait until the season premieres to learn more, much as with other highly anticipated anime series.

Shadows House Season 2 Cast

All of the main characters and voice performers from the first season of “Shadows House” will return for the second season. This list includes Akari Kit as the reserved but good-natured shadow girl Kate Mirror, Y Sasahara as Kate’s cheerful living doll Emilico, Kdai Sakai as the energetic shadow boy John and his devoted living doll counterpart Shaun, Ayane Sakura as the narcissistic shadow girl Louise and her shy living doll Lou, Shino Shimoji as the equally silent shadow girl Shirley and living doll Rum, Reiji Kawashima as the equally ar

“Shadows House” also boasts the distinction of being among the anime with a competent English dub. All English-dubbed cast members, including Emi Lo as Kate and Dani Chambers as Emilico, are likely to return for the next season. Other supporting characters and their individual voice actors are anticipated to return in both the Japanese original version and the English dub.

Shadows House Season 2 Cast

Shadows House Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Shadows House will premiere in July 2022, as part of the Summer programming schedule, according to a press release issued by Anime News Network on January 5th, 2022.

This Monday, the official Japanese Twitter account for the anime stated that the launch of the first episode of season two would occur on July 8, 2022, although a midnight premiere would technically make this a July 9 debut.

The series released a trailer for the second transmission during AnimeJapan 2022 with the statement “There is still a secret in this building.”

However, fans should be aware that Crunchyroll has not yet confirmed if the second season of Shadows House will be simulcast. As a result of the merger with Funimation earlier this year, it is likely that the streaming site will actually broadcast the upcoming season.

The anime adaptation was announced for the first time in October 2020 and debuted in April 2021 as part of the Spring anime lineup. Therefore, many fans anticipated that the series would return in April 2022, but few of us will grumble about the modest shift to the Summer schedule.

The new opening theme will be named “Shall We Dance?” and will be performed by ReoNa (who also performed the ending theme for the first season), while the new ending theme will be performed by ClariS and titled “Masquerade.”

Shadows House Season 2 Trailer

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