Shakira And Pique Divorce: Were They Together Since 2010?

Shakira And Pique Divorce: Were They Together Since 2010? Gerard Pique is currently making headlines once more, but this time it is allegedly due to an affair that he was involved in.

Because of this affair, it is possible that his relationship with Shakira may come to an end; in fact, it has been suggested that Pique is already residing in a different apartment from Shakira.

This is all according to El Periodico, a Spanish newspaper that has now provided additional details on the identity of the woman with whom Pique is said to have been unfaithful.

Two journalists working for El Periodico by the names of Lorena Vazquez and Laura Fa have confirmed that Pique was seen meeting with a young blonde female in Barcelona around the age of 20. The girl is a student and works as an event hostess there. However, no information regarding her identity has been made public, at least not at this time.

According to the source, Shakira became aware of the fact that Pique had been observed with the aforementioned woman on multiple occasions.

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Will Shakira And Pique End Their Marriage And Divorce?

After first seeing each other at the World Cup in 2010, Pique and Shakira began a romantic relationship, however, they did not end up getting married.

They had been together throughout this entire period, and the Colombian singer relocated to Barcelona so that she might begin a family with the sportsman. Milan and Sasha are the couple’s two children together.

On the other hand, it seems as though tensions are high in the relationship since several parents at Shakira and Pique’s children’s school have mentioned that they haven’t seen the two of them picking up their children together in a while.

It is even speculated that Shakira took the children on a family vacation to Ibiza in the month of May, but that Pique did not accompany them on their trip.

What Does It Say That Shakira Has Put Out In Her Statement?

The statement that was issued jointly and distributed by the EFE agency said, “We regret to confirm that we are parting ways.”

“Because the health and happiness of our children is the most important thing to us, we ask that you respect their right to privacy.

“I appreciate your ability to comprehend.”

What Does It Say That Shakira Has Put Out In Her Statement?
What Does It Say That Shakira Has Put Out In Her Statement?

How Long Has Pique Been Dating Shakira? How Long Have They Been Together?

Pique and Shakira have been married for the past 11 years, having first begun dating in the year 2010.

Pique recalled the first time he met the artist in an interview he gave in the year 2020 to the Catalan newspaper L’Esportiu. The singer had performed at the 2010 World Cup before Spain’s final match against the Netherlands, which Spain won 1-0.

He remarked, “I told her that I’d see her in the final,” and she believed him. “I was confident that we’d make it to the point where she could perform in the closing ceremony,” you say. “She had been practicing for weeks.”

The couple’s oldest child, Milan, is nine years old, while their younger child, Sasha, is seven years old.

Pique explained to Gary Neville’s Overlap video series interviewer, which was shown in May 2022, why he and Shakira did not get married when they were together.

He responded, “No, I am not married.” This is her way of thinking.

“I like where we are at at this moment. Right now, we have two children, ages nine and seven. We have a terrific dynamic as a couple.”

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