Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter: What Exactly Is Rika Role In The Sniper Mask Storyline?

Yuka Makoto, also known as “Mr. Mask,” is a supporting character in High-Rise Invasion who plays the role of an anti-hero. He is best known by his alias, “Sniper Mask.” He is Yuri Honjo’s stepbrother in addition to being Rika Honjo’s biological brother. After what was ostensibly Kuon Shinzaki’s “death,” the Sniper Mask became a candidate for the position of God.

Sniper Mask Face Reveal Chapter

In chapter 192, Sniper Mask’s true identity was finally revealed to the reader. I’d Like to Give You Some Advice is the title of this chapter. Sniper Mask’s real name is Yuka Makoto. When Kuon Shinzaki passed away, all of his powers were given to him to take over.

The Sniper always dresses in all black, including his suit, his hat, his shirt, and his tie. In addition to that, he has on a smiling mask, leather gloves, leather shoes, and a belt. He is frequently spotted smoking, and there have been reports that he even smokes while being pursued.

Yuichiro Umehara provides the Japanese voice for Sniper Mask, and Jonah Scott provides the English voice. Those people who have been wondering whether or not the Sniper Mask Face Reveal has already taken place should be aware that his true face has been shown.

Yuka Makoto, also known as Sniper Mask, is a character in High Rise Invasion. let’s know about the appearance of Sniper Mask, in the next paragraph.

Sniper Mask Appearance

When the influence of the mask was at its peak, the Sniper wore a white tie with a black shirt and a belt of a different style than when it was at its lowest point, when the influence was reduced. At this time (when he is not subject to the will of the mask), the Sniper dresses in a black suit, a fedora hat, a white shirt, and a black tie.

In addition to that, he has on gloves, shoes made of leather, a belt with an unusual design, and, of course, the smiling mask. He is frequently observed smoking when he is relaxing, however, there have been instances where he has been seen smoking while on the run, such as the first time he met Yuri Honjo.

His haircut is very similar to Rika Honjo’s, who is a character in the series. It would appear that he is significantly older and taller than Rika. He was born with a prominent scar directly below his left eye, and as an adult, he takes on the appearance of a “sharper” version of his sibling.

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During the time that Sniper Mask was in a room decorated in a Japanese style with Yuri, he revealed his face to her so that he could inquire about whether or not she had previously encountered him because of his connection to Rikka as a “close friend.” Yuri squeals and blushes before praising his appearance as “very attractive.”

Later, he is let down when Sniper Mask decides to keep his mask on while questioning him since he is “really hot.” Read below to know the relation between Rika and The Sniper Mask.

What Exactly Is Rika Role In The Sniper Mask Storyline?

What Exactly Is Rika Role In The Sniper Mask Storyline

The programming that has entered and overwritten the Masks’ brains causes many of them to suffer from some type of memory loss. This is because their brains have been overwritten with the programming. When Sniper Mask’s mask starts to fall apart, it drives him to become fixated on Rika, which in turn allows him to gradually regain access to his sense of self.

Even while the real reason behind Sniper Mask‘s belief that he and Rika are linked isn’t revealed in the first season, it’s clear that there is something more than simply a platonic relationship between the two of them.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that Sniper Mask and Rika are related in some way, just as the anime slowly reveals that Uzuki is the Mask Yayoi Kusakabe’s son over the course of the series.

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