So I’m A Spider So What Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

 So I’m A Spider So What Season 2: Releasing In 2024? Following its initial release as a short novel, it was quickly followed by manga and anime adaptations, which were both well-received by fans. Okino Baba wrote the novel, and he and Yuichiro Momose wrote the manga adaptation. An impressive 7.4 out of 10 rating on my anime list shows how much I enjoy the series. All of the students die in a high school accident, and most of them are reincarnated in another world. One unfortunate student is reincarnated as a spider in the world’s toughest dungeon, and she must fight to survive there for the rest of her life.

The first season of the show finished in 2021, and since then, there have been numerous rumors about the possibility of a second season. Fortunately for you, the show will be returning for a second season. There is still a lot of manga content that can be animated. We’ll have to wait a while until we see the spider story again, even though the second season’s time frame isn’t long.

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So I’m A Spider So What Season 2 Plot/Story

Season 2 will adapt volume 8 of the manga and follow Kumoko and her party as they go through the demon world. When they arrive at the town of the Renxandt Empire, the military is forced to get engaged in their attempts to move forward. We’ll learn more about the Wakaba’s organization, and we’ll discover how the truce between ariel and nameless works out.

So I’m A Spider So What Season 2 Recap

The story of the anime starts with a strange explosion in a high school that kills all the students. As the story goes on, we see some of the students die and come back to life in a different world. Our main character, who is nameless in the story, comes back as a monster spider. It’s her bad luck to come back as a spider, but she does run into some of her old friends who have come back as dragons and other animals. Soon, she figures out that this world is like an RPG where she needs to collect skill points to unlock new skills that will help her stay alive. Throughout the story, Nameless forms a group and fights other monsters, sometimes having a hard time of it. She eats the corpse of her so-called sibling and is hunted by humans as she tries to stay alive. At the end of the first season, after many twists and turns, Ariel and Nameless make up because they have been enemies for a long time.

So I’m A Spider So What Season 2 Cast

If the sophomore season of the anime show ever takes place in the future, we can expect the following cast members to return to their respective voice characters:

  • Shiraori: Aoi Yuki
  • Ariel: Sumire Uesaka
  • Sophia: Ayana Taketatsu
  • Wrath: Ryota Osaka
  • Merazophis: Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Guliedistodiez: Daisuke Namikawa

In addition to the above-mentioned cast members, some new vocal talents may end up becoming an important part of Season 2 in the future.

So I'm A Spider So What Season 2 Cast
So I’m A Spider So What Season 2 Cast

So I’m A Spider So What Season 2 Release Date

The novel was published in 2015, and an anime adaptation will air in 2020. A total of 24 episodes were produced, the first of which aired in January 2021 and the last of which aired in July 2021. There is still plenty more story left to tell and we expect a second season, but it will be some time before we hear anything official about it, so we’re looking at early 2023 for its release. We’re also looking at 20-25 episodes, each with a run time of about 25 minutes, just like season 1’s.

So I’m A Spider, So What? Season Season 1 Release Date January 2021
So I’m A Spider, So What? Season 1 Last Episode Date July 2021
So I’m A Spider, So What? Season 2 Release Date somewhere in 2023 or 2024

So I’m A Spider So What Season 2 Trailer

Since we haven’t had a confirmation about the show’s renewal, and since we haven’t gotten a trailer from the show’s makers, we’ll have to wait for a little while and enjoy the previous 24 episodes and the show’s YouTube trailer.

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