Somaya Reece Net Worth 2022: How Did She Lose Her Weight?

Somaya Reece is an actress, a TV star, and a hip-hop artist. She is best known for her roles in “Love and Hip Hop New York” and “Famously Single.” Here we will talk about her professional career and net worth.

Early Life

Somaya was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on June 17, 1986, to parents who came from El Salvador. This makes her 33 years old in 2019. She is now an American citizen, but her roots are in El Salvador.

Somaya’s life was in trouble between the ages of 11 and 18. She quit school and joined gangs, which got her stabbed and shot. Somaya even left home because her mother was mean to her and her father drank too much. Somaya met her boyfriend at this point and got pregnant. She tried to go back home, but her mother kicked her out. Somaya decided to move in with her boyfriend’s mom after she gave birth, but she was mean to her. Somaya’s son was killed not long after that.
Somaya quit school when she was 11, but she was later accepted to the University of California, Los Angeles, where she took classes in the theater.


Somaya had trouble getting acting jobs after she finished college, so she went to work with her mother as a maid in a hotel. This is where agents for William Morris found her. It completely changed her life, and she soon got parts in more than 45 commercials. Somaya modeled for a number of well-known fashion brands when she wasn’t doing commercials.

I’m honored to be on Latina magazine’s #HotList #30under30 for the second year in a row! Sleeping on ya girl was a mistake…

She started acting for the first time in 1998 when she was in an episode of a TV show without credit. After that, she was in many movies, including “The American Psycho” in 2002, “The Scorpion King,” “The Girl from the Naked Eye,” “Slammed,” and “Ride or Die.” One of the most successful movies she was in was “The Scorpion King,” which made $165,3 million worldwide at the box office.

Reece has also been in TV shows and reality shows like “Girlfriends,” “Love and Hip Hop,” “Famously Single,” and even “First Family of Hip Hop.”

Somaya is also a rich rapper who has put out a lot of music, which fans can find on YouTube and other music sites. In Latin America, Somaya’s music has been at the top of the charts. As an independent artist, she has toured the area.

Somaya Reece

Somaya now owns a fitness brand, a clothing line and store, and a number of products that help people lose weight. She also has a blog where she writes about fitness and where she promotes her “This Fits Me” products. Her fitness brand sells natural products like the popular Get Slim Detox Tea that help people lose weight. Also, read about Hilary Farr Net Worth

Somaya also worked with her girlfriend, Lady Luck, to start a TV show and a record label called The Greatest Entertainment and La Rosa Ent., respectively. Somaya has become a very successful businesswoman, artist, and actress thanks to all of these things.

Personal Life

Somaya is out as bisexual, and she dates more women than men because her ex-boyfriend was violent. She said that because of this, she hates men and thinks they are gross. But this isn’t the only thing that makes her like women.

Somaya’s feelings for girls began when she was young. She has had more than one affair. Her first was with “Twilight” actor Kellan Lutz. Before they broke up in 2009, they were together for five months. Later, she started dating the rapper Joe Budden, but that didn’t work out either. Somaya’s third relationship was with rapper XO. In 2011, they broke up without saying why. She dated Jessica White in 2016, but that relationship didn’t last either.

Shanell Jones, also known as “Lady Luck,” had a crush on Reece back in 2013. She reportedly proposed to Somaya, but nothing came of it. But in the last episode of the season of “First Family of Hip Hop,” Lady Luck asked Reece to marry her. They wanted to get married and start living together as a married couple, so they planned a big wedding. Lady Luck was said to have said, “We’re just having fun with each other. No dates have been set yet.

But they never got married because, in November of the same year, they broke off their engagement without saying why. Somaya seems to be single right now, and on February 8, 2019, she posted on Instagram that she doesn’t need to date anyone.

How Did She Lose Her Weight?

Somaya had been an actress for a few years when she decided it was time for a change. She decided to lose some weight. Slowly, she changed her style, changed the way she ate, and told people that she was going to have breast reduction surgery.

Somaya posted the results on her Instagram page, and they were better than anyone could have imagined. She said later that it was the best thing she had ever done. Somaya says that when she first started out as a model, she had to starve herself to stay thin. Somaya stopped listening to her advisors after she fell down on one of the sets. She also started eating more often.

She got fat because she ate whatever she could get her hands on, which was usually not healthy. Also, read about Eli Manning Net Worth

Somaya decided to watch her calories when she realized she wasn’t going to lose weight. She started eating “clean” and watched how much she ate. She also started working out three to five times a week, which helped.

Somaya Reece Net Worth

Somaya Reece Net Worth is estimated to be around $4 Million in 2022. Somaya has made a lot of money from acting, modeling for big companies like Pepsi and Ralph Lauren (in more than 45 commercials), and making music.

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