Sony Credit Card Login: Payment Methods And Customer Services Complete Guide

Comenity Bank issues the Sony Credit Card. For qualified Sony items, eating, and entertainment purchases, the Sony Credit Card gives additional points. But even the most ardent Sony fans may do far better.

Sony Credit Card Login On The Website:

Utilizing your Sony Credit Card login account, you may manage your account and make payments online, which may have a number of advantages. By following the steps mentioned below, you can log into your Sony Credit Card account online:

Step 1: Open the Sony Credit Card website & Select the Sony Credit Card login link.

To get started, open a browser and go to the Sony Credit Card website, or just click this link:

Then, click the black “Sign in” button in the center of the screen to access your Sony Credit Card online account.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to use the Sony Credit Card website, you must have an American IP address.

Step 2: Enter your data account.

The Sony Credit Card login box will show up on the right after finishing step 1.

By entering your “Username” and “Password” online, you may access your Sony Credit Card account.

When finished, click the “Sign in” button in black.

ADVICE: You cannot access your Sony Credit Card account online unless you log in. You must first set up an online account for the Sony Credit Card if you don’t already have one. Please refer to the guidelines mentioned below if you need help setting up an online account for your Sony Credit Card.

Apply online for a Sony Credit Card account:

You must first submit an application if this is your first time using a Sony Credit Card. Utilizing the Sony Credit Card website, you may complete it online. The prerequisites for obtaining a Sony Credit Card are as follows:

Step 1: Open the application page & Select the apply option.

You must first access the Sony Credit Card application by accessing this website at

Next, in the page’s middle, click the blue “Apply for the Sony card” button.

Step 2: Provide your data.

You will be sent to the application for Sony Credit Card account form page after completing step 1.

The next step is to enter the data that Sony Credit Card requires.

When finished, click the bottom-positioned blue “Submit Application” button.

Step 3: Follow the instructions.

By adhering to the directions, you can apply for a Sony Credit Card.

Recover a Sony Credit Card Username or Password:

Your ready information must be on hand in order to access your Sony Credit Card account online.

  • Including the postal code as well as the zip code.
  • The final four digits of the person’s SSN or SIN.

To retrieve your Sony Credit Card login details or password, you must complete these steps:

Step 1: Link to the Sony Credit Card official website.

Open the Sony Credit Card website using a browser.

The top center of the screen has a black “Sign in” button. Click it.

Step 2: Click the Forgot Username/Password link.

Select “Forgot Username/Password?” to reset them when the Sony Credit Card login window appears following step 1.

Step 3: Provide identity.

Afterward, you’ll have access to the Sony Credit Card account recovery form.

To change your Sony Credit Card password, enter your “Credit Card Account Number,” “ZIP code or postal code,” and “Last Four Digits of SSN.”

Select “Find My Account” by selecting this button when you’re done. Also, read about Revvi Credit Card Login

Step 4: Adhere to the guidelines.

Continue by following the instructions if you want to obtain your Sony Credit Card username or password.

You can modify the password for your Sony Credit Card online account after the search is complete.

Make your Sony Credit Card Payment:

Your Sony Credit Card accepts four distinct kinds of payments. See the instructions below for information on how to use your Sony Credit Card while making purchases:

Online payment:

You may transfer funds to Comenity Bank from any bank using the Comenity Bank online login page. You must register with the Sony Credit Card prior to making an online purchase. To apply for a Sony Credit Card or for help logging in, please use the links at the top of this page.

  1. To begin, you must have a Sony Credit Card login online account.
  2. You must next provide your bank’s routing number, the amount of the payment, and the deadline.
  3. Then follow the instructions for making online payments with a Sony Credit Card.

WARNING: The day before your payment is due, at 8 PM EST, you must securely transmit your online payment using your Sony Credit Card login to avoid a late fee. You will no longer have access to the Sony Credit Card if you proceed with a same-day or next-day online payment as soon as it is possible.

Phone-based Payment:

If you need to make a quick payment but don’t have access to the internet, it can be easier to use your Sony Credit Card over the phone:

If you have questions or need to pay using your Sony Credit Card, dial (888)-566-4353.

Remember that in order to access your account, you’ll need to have your Sony Credit Card account number or Social Security number handy. Be aware that Comenity Bank may charge a fee of up to $15 for quicker phone payments.

Pay by mail:

Make sure your check or money order covers the total balance due on your Sony Credit Card before submitting it.

The following merchants accept Sony Credit Card payments:

Sony Credit Card / Comenity Bank

P.O. Box 659820

San Antonio, TX 78265

NOTE: Be careful to provide your Sony Credit Card account number in the check memo line. You could find the Sony Credit Card account number on your statement. Sending money by mail takes the longest. To guarantee that your payment reaches your Sony Credit Card on time, it is recommended that you submit it at least 5 working days before the due date indicated on your monthly billing statement.

Pay via EasyPay:

EasyPay from Comenity Bank is an additional option for making payments online without logging in or creating an account. Following are some uses for The Sony Credit Card:

  1. Click “EasyPay” in the website’s header banner to enter your online Sony Credit Card account.
  2. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on your monthly bill by entering your ZIP code, Sony Credit Card account number, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  3. Just once, click “Find My Account.”
  4. To complete your payment, adhere to the instructions shown on the screen.

Keep in mind that each time you use EasyPay, you must input the details of your bank account. Your information is not saved by the system. It is also not possible to modify or cancel EasyPay payments.

Sony Credit Card’s Customer Service

If you have any problems using the Sony Credit Card login online or with the Sony Credit Card’s problem in general, please contact them:

To contact customer service for The Sony Credit Card, dial 1-866-499-4761.

NOTICE: It’s not a good idea to share private information like passwords, Sony Credit Card account information, or Social Security numbers. Please utilize the encrypted chat feature to convey any vital information to Sony Credit Card. They’ll all respond in the same way.

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