Stranger Things Actor Quinn Speaks On Finale Of Season 4!

Stranger Things Actor Quinn Speaks On Finale Of Season 4! Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 hits Netflix on July 1. Joseph Quinn won our affection the instant he strutted across the lunch table wearing his sleeveless denim vest and rocking his wild metalhead curls. (If you ask the Hawkins Parent Teacher Association, he grabbed our souls as well.) Despite the fact that, in an interview with The Guardian, Quinn attributes the majority of his success to The Wig, there is something about Quinn that has given his Stranger Things character Eddie Munson a genuine and enduring quality in the eyes of the show’s viewers. Eddie Munson is without a doubt the “if he dies, we riot” character of Season 4, what with his frizzy, glam-rock Van Halen ‘do and his Dungeon Master-tude.

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The actual Quinn, who is almost unrecognizable without his other half, the wig, comes from South London, which is also where he got his start in the acting business, primarily performing in historical dramas. According to Quinn, the audition for Stranger Things was predetermined by fate because it only took him two self-made tapes before the show’s producers, The Duffer Brothers must have spotted the magnetism that fans immediately seized onto. Quinn found the absence of an audition procedure to be “…quite uncommon and really disconcerting.” However, after sending in his cassettes of Eddie’s key speech – the one in which he bemoans the acceptance of parties and hoops and tosses up the devil horns — he was offered the role of Eddie. The headbanging hair, though, is what makes the transition from historical pieces to ’80s sci-fi horror smooth, according to Quinn, who maintains that “99.7 percent of the effort is that wig.”

Fans may have figured out by now that Eddie Munson’s character is a semblance of the real-life Damien Echols, who, along with two of his friends, was wrongfully convicted of murder in the 1990s due to the fact that they were social outcasts. This happened to all three of them because of their status as social outcasts. Quinn plays Eddie as an erratic beacon of hope to the outcasts, including Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and he is eventually pinned as a murderer in a town witch hunt because of his unusual interests in D&D and metal. Quinn plays Eddie on the Netflix original series “Stranger Things.” When it came to Quinn, he confessed that he “tried struggling with Dungeons & Dragons,” but in the end, it was the music that bonded him to the part. Because he had been practicing, he had “listened to a lot of heavy metal – Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Dio,” which explains the guitar-kissing and -wielding behavior.

Stranger Things Actor Quinn Speaks On Finale
Stranger Things Actor Quinn Speaks On Finale

Even though Eddie was initially presented to us as the sinister Dungeon Master of the Hellfire Club, Quinn played him in such a way that he was mysterious. For example, in one scene he scowled at the members of the Hellfire Club, and in the next scene, he expressed sympathy for the cheerleading captain. Fans find him so believable because he displays a range of heroic behaviors, from first refusing to get off the boat to, in the end, accompanying his newly acquired companions into Mordor. Fans are attracted to Quinn’s devil-may-care demeanor and exuberant grin, while Quinn himself attributes Eddie’s attraction to the “objectively ludicrous” wig.

Fans of Stranger Things will always have a soft spot in their hearts for the legend and story surrounding Eddie Munson the Banished, but the upcoming fifth and final season of the show should hopefully feature a greater focus on Quinn. In response to that, all he can say is, “If they don’t bring me back, I’m going to be really furious [laughs]. If they have room for me, I would be thrilled to come.”

On July 1, the Upside Down will once again be visited by Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2. You can find a link to the trailer for the last episodes of the show farther down on this page:

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