Texas Parents Request The Return Of Their Newborn From Child Protective Services After The Doctor Removes The Child

An upset Texas couple is pleading with child protective authorities to give them their baby back. They claimed that the paperwork that was used to take the child away from them was inaccurate and that it said the mother was someone entirely different with a criminal history.

On March 21, Mila Jackson, who was six pounds, nine ounces, was born. A successful home delivery was assisted by a midwife.

Three days later, her parents Rodney and Temecia Jackson brought her in for a routine exam with a pediatrician. After receiving a clear report, they brought the infant home.

The baby was then diagnosed with jaundice and extremely high bilirubin levels, according to communications they received from the doctor.

The parents assured him that they would care for the infant independently with the assistance of their midwife.

Temecia reported that a few hours later, late at night, “he messages my phone really aggressively to take her to the hospital or he’s contacting CPS.” And he did just that.

Dr. Anand Bhat testified in court, “I allowed the support of CPS to help get this baby get the care that was medically essential and needed.

CPS concurred, stating in writing that “the department must intervene due to the parents’ unwillingness to acknowledge the danger and potential repercussions of this condition.”

On March 28, Desoto police assisted CPS in removing the infant from the couple’s residence.

Temecia claimed, “[They] broke into my house illegally to steal my baby from me.”

But there’s another issue here. The incorrect mother is listed in the affidavit that CPS utilized to gain custody of the child. It lists a woman with an entirely different name who has a history of abuse in court but who is not Temecia Jackson, Mila’s mother.

Although I gave birth at home, Temecia remarked, “I immediately felt like they had kidnapped my baby since they were attempting to claim my baby belonged to this other lady.”

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Rodney remarked, “We’ve been treated like criminals, but that’s far from the truth. “I wouldn’t wish anyone’s nightmare on them,” she said.

“Mila’s homecoming home today is something we demand. Due to the fact that yesterday was too late, “according to the couple’s midwife Cheryl Edinbyrd

CPS declined to comment on the case in the interim.

The two upset parents have been instructed to wait until the next court appearance, which is in two more weeks. The infant has been given to a foster family.

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