Dual Classes Come Together In The Black Desert In Upcoming Computer And Mobile Device Updates

Dual Classes Come Together In The Black Desert In Upcoming Computer And Mobile Device Updates: Earlier today, Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss revealed that Black Desert’s first Twin Classes would be available on many platforms, with Woosa releasing on Mobile on January 17th and Maegu coming soon to PC. Previously, PC gamers had access to Woosa while Mobile users could only play Maegu.

New and intriguing additions to Black Desert, such as Maegu and Woosa, will be released in 2023. The siblings are natives of “Land of the Morning Light,” an upcoming territory in Black Desert inspired by Korean folklore and one of the game’s most anticipated content updates this year. More information on the new region, which will have challenging new bosses, engaging stories, and rewarding new areas to explore, will be released in the first half of 2023.

Players new and old will soon be able to experience Maegu’s distinct Mage fighting skills and enticing fox powers on PC. Five of Maegu’s magical abilities are particularly lethal:

Soul Tear: In an instant, Maegu transforms into the revered fox spirit and is propelled forward. Then, she’ll revert to her human form and stab her foe with the Binyeo Knife.

Tethered Souls: Graceful as a dancer, she tosses out the Fox Charm to halt her opponent’s motion in Tethered Souls – Flow: Hanpuri. Then, without warning, Maegu lunges forward and plunges the Binyeo Knife deep into the heart of her adversary.

Ghost Bomb: Maegu spins to the side, dodging incoming attacks, and unleashes the Fox Charm. Then, once the initial Fox Charm detonates, a second one materializes nearby and continues the assault.

Bristling Sparks: Maegu amps up the Fox Charm to produce a configuration of charms in front of her that deals continuous damage. The Binyeo Knife is then used to explode the summoned charms, dealing massive damage to the enemy.

Fox spirit Deceiver: By calling upon the spirit of the fox, Maegu is able to confound her foes with a double. Players can also use their wits to quickly and easily trade places with their doubles.

Soon, on the official Black Desert website, players will be able to claim the J’s hammer item, given out in honor of Maegu’s arrival. J’s Hammer, a powerful and elusive fan favorite, prevents an unnecessary drop in enhancement level for equipment in the event that an enhancement effort fails. Players interested in getting an early taste of Maegu’s fox power can do so by signing up for the pre-release event commencing on Monday, January 16th, on Black Desert Global Lab.

Woosa, a Black Desert Mobile player, is just as dangerous thanks to his mastery of potent elemental assaults and ancient Do Arts. With the use of her fan, Woosa channels the spirit of Sagoonja to do the following feats:

With a single wingbeat, Woosa can increase the size of her fan, causing her foes to be pushed back. By pressing and holding the skill button, you can unleash a powerful wind that drives foes back further and knocks them down. If used in conjunction with Sagoonja: Plum, this talent boosts the creature’s attack speed and sends plum blossoms whirling through the air.

Woosa does a graceful butterfly jump into the air, escaping the hostile fire and flying debris. By pressing and holding the skill button, she can make an additional jump.

Woosa unleashes a massive storm with a swing of her fan, dealing significant damage to opponents in a wide area. Its enormous range makes it ideal for taking on large groups of enemies or even bosses. When used in conjunction with other attacks, Stormfall becomes more damaging.

Woosa’s Cloudrise attack involves summoning a storm cloud above his or her foes, which then rains down and strikes them with lightning, dealing massive damage. To deal even more damage to the enemy, players can chain together multiple uses of this ability.

Reduce the damage you take from PvP and enemy skills with this passive ability if you’ve attained enlightenment. An additional damage boost is added to Wingbeat, Sagoonja: Plum, and Cloudrise while you have four or more stacks of Enlightened.

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