The Car-swallowing Sinkhole In Texas Began Expanding Once More After 15 Years

A large sinkhole in a small East Texas community is expanding once more after 15 years of stability. Officials from Liberty County announced in a news release on Monday, April 4, that the hole has reopened. Between Houston and Beaumont, Texas, is where the sinkhole is located.

According to city officials, they were informed of the sinkhole’s growth on Sunday, April 3. They claimed to have informed nearby residents of the emergency and to have gotten in touch with the Texas Division of Emergency Management, the Liberty County Judge’s office, and the Liberty County Fire Marshall’s office.

2008 saw the first reports of the sinkhole. According to ABC 13, it began as a 20-foot hole in the ground and expanded into a crater that is 900 feet wide and 260 feet deep. According to news sources, it ate up multiple automobiles, telephone poles, barrels, tires, and oil tanks.

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Erskin Holcomb, an assistant fire marshal for Liberty County, told ABC that he believes the sinkhole widened by 150 feet and deepened by 150 feet. The public is being urged by officials to avoid the sinkhole because it is currently not safe to be there.

“Sinkholes might appear at any time. It can crumble 20 feet in an instant or move one foot in a week “Holcomb declared.

City officials stated that they are actively observing the situation and will coordinate with federal, state, and municipal authorities to notify the community as it develops.

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