The Couple From New Jersey Was Detained After Reportedly Attempting To Run Down Officers

Following a routine traffic stop that devolved into a demolition derby and led to accusations of attempted police officer murder and aggravated assault, a husband and wife from New Jersey are now in custody.

The Evesham Police Department detained Marc Ferraiolo, 23, of Evesham, New Jersey, early on Sunday.

He was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, two counts of third-degree aggravated assault on a police officer, two counts of third-degree eluding, four counts of fourth-degree criminal mischief, and four counts of fourth-degree injuring of a police dog.

His 42-year-old wife Ruth Patton was accused of fourth-degree obstruction of justice and third-degree terroristic threats.

A white Hyundai sedan was reportedly traveling on Taunton Lake Road at an estimated speed of 80 mph in a 45 mph zone at the time, according to the Evesham Police Department, as authorities were attending to a car accident.

Police reported that the car seemed to pick up speed as it passed the accident investigators, and they gave a description of the car to nearby officers.

Near the intersection of Willowbend and Evans roads, an officer made an attempt to stop a vehicle, but the driver—later identified as Ferraiolo—kept going through the intersection’s red light.

The pursuit was stopped when officers realized the car and the suspect were familiar to them from prior encounters. Instead, police secured an arrest warrant for Ferraiolo and delivered it to his home.

Patton exited the car as Ferraiolo pulled into his driveway, and the police pulled up behind him with their cars in tow.

Ferraiolo was told to get out of the car, but instead of doing so, he resumed driving, put it in reverse, pulled out of the driveway quickly, and almost hit two police officers, according to the police.

According to authorities, Ferraiolo then struck a police car with a K9 unit inside before backing out of the driveway and heading toward the two cops who were almost struck.

The defendant allegedly intentionally slammed the K9 vehicle three more times after that before making another attempt to flee the area by driving across the yards of his neighbors.

Ferraiolo damaged two additional police cars as he ran away, rendering his Hyundai useless.

Police approached and took Ferraiolo from the car before he could exit it.

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Before being taken to the hospital for evaluation, he received medical assistance on the scene, according to the police.

Police said that as they were removing Ferraiolo from his car, Patton tried to obstruct them and threatened to “kill officers.”

Patton was ultimately taken into custody there.

Officers who suffered injuries were attended to on the spot, while Tango the K9, who was inside the truck and had four impacts, is receiving care from a veterinarian.

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