What Our Audience Says About The Pathless Review: Go Your Own Way

The Pathless Review: When I let my curiosity lead the way as the mysterious Hunter, I found myself most enthralled by this open world and realized that The Pathless truly lives up to its name. Designed with that in mind, the environment is rich in engrossing environmental puzzles, lore Easter eggs that provide additional context to the game’s main story, and stunning scenery. The Pathless is a journey well worth taking thanks to its engaging movement mechanic, which is both simple and fun to use, and its orchestral score, which adds to the mythic quality of the game’s new world.

What Our Audience Says About The Pathless Review

In The Pathless, you take on the role of the final Hunter, a young lady who must venture to a mysterious island populated by corrupt spirits while concealed in a veil and armed with an arrow. You and your eagle ally are on a quest to restore light by vanquishing darkness. This is a much bigger job than it initially appears.

If you want to dash from boss battle to boss battle, The Pathless is a short game, but if you want to explore each planet and learn all of its secrets, it will take you a long time.

iPad ($329 at Amazon) and mobile visuals are toned down in comparison to, for example, the PS5, but this is rarely noticeable during gameplay. From whatever vantage point, the Pathless is breathtaking, with its swaying flowers and grass and mist hanging in the trees as shafts of sunlight filter through. During the cold winter months, when most of us are confined to our homes, the immersive setting offers the ideal escape.

Getting acclimated to the controls took some time, but once you did, you found your groove and were off and running. As you run, jump, and shoot arrows at targets, your rate of movement will increase. In a flash, you and your eagle pal are skipping effortlessly through the grass. There is no other way to put it, but playing this video game will make you feel really awesome.

From the minute the Hunter steps foot on the cursed island until the very end, the mood in The Pathless never wavers. The worlds you visit are all very peaceful, almost eerie. The pressure to complete challenges and gather items fast before being detected by foes is real.

Developers put forth a lot of time and effort so that you and your eagle companion have a special connection. The eagle is a multipurpose companion that can guide you through riddles, take you places, and even be a pet. I, too, was rather ecstatic. The winds will take your eagle away from you if your foes locate you, forcing you to go on the hunt. Players need to pet the eagle to remove the soot and dirt from their feathers once they are reunited. Such subtleties allowed me to feel closer to my eagle friend.

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The Pathless maintains a satisfying regularity while never becoming boring. If you dig deeper, you’ll find more layers. As you make your way through the game, each boss encounter will present a greater challenge than the last. When compared to the otherwise tranquil settings, the final boss, the Godslayer, is a truly terrifying villain.

Personally, I had a few complaints about The Pathless. The game can be played using a controller if you’re having trouble getting the hang of the touchscreen controls on mobile. Furthermore, the game has two distinct endings that depend on the decisions you make before the game’s final boss fight.

The Pathless is deft in its handling of big ideas like nature, spirituality, and good vs. evil, and it manages to weave them into an experience that is engaging and satisfying throughout. When it comes to video games, it’s not often that you find one that so deftly combines elements of Mesoamerican culture with those of the Arthurian legend. There isn’t a single angle from which this game doesn’t shine.

The Pathless Review: Go Your Own Way

The Pathless Review Go Your Own Way

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The Pathless fully commits to the idea that moving from one location to another should be enjoyable, fluid, and as obstacle-free as possible by eliminating the challenge of aiming in favor of a focus on button timing and quick thinking as you decide the route you want to carve out. It allowed me to focus less on where exactly I needed to aim and more on how to navigate the stunning scenery ahead of me in order to maintain forward momentum.

Despite the adaptive triggers on the PS5 providing some haptic indication of when to release, I was still unable to master the half-fill shot. A few misses here and there didn’t throw me off too much; as I mentioned before, exploring the world of The Pathless is all about forging your own path, so I used each miss as an opportunity to improvise my way in a new direction. Even though you are free to explore at your own leisure, you will find plenty to keep you on track and satisfy your inquisitive spirit.

Crystals, which are required to increase your eagle’s ability to reach new heights, and Lightstone, which are often collected after some intricate but satisfying puzzle and used to cleanse a cursed watchtower in each region, are both abundantly hidden throughout the world.

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