The Prosecutor Is Attempting To Release A Missouri Inmate Who The Judge Has Ruled Is Not Guilty Of The M*rder In 1990

Christopher Dunn, who according to the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office has been imprisoned for more than three decades for a crime he didn’t commit, has filed a motion to be released.

According to the evidence, Dunn, 51, is innocent and “should not remain in custody a day longer,” according to the application to overturn Dunn’s convictions. Special assistant to Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner wrote this. They’re pleading with the legal system to “end this injustice.”

Arrested at the age of 18, Dunn was found guilty after a two-day trial of first-degree m*rder and other offenses in the St. Louis shooting de@th of 14-year-old Ricco Rogers on May 18, 1990.

His conviction was based on the evidence of two boys, Michael Davis, 12, and DeMorris Stepp, 15, both of whom have subsequently recanted and acknowledged they lied over the course of the trial.

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Gardner has been pushed to try to have Dunn’s convictions overturned by attorneys and campaigners for months. Dunn is still detained at the South Central Correctional Center in Licking even though judge William Hickle acknowledged in 2020 that a jury would now probably find him innocent. This legal bind has attracted global attention to his case.

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Hickle claimed that given Dunn’s admissions of guilt and proof of his alibi, “any jury would now not convict” him.

Despite not being on de@th row, Hickle declined to release Dunn. According to Missouri legal precedent, only inmates who have been given a de@th sentence may assert their innocence in a freestanding manner, which is to say, without violating the constitution. It meant that, as opposed to his sentence of 90 years in jail plus life, Dunn would have been better off if he had been waiting to be executed.

Gardner’s staff referred to that legal limit as illogical in the motion.

Gardner, who will step down on June 1, stated in a statement on Monday that “we have an ethical duty to work to correct this injustice.” For the benefit of Mr. Dunn, his family, and the residents of the City of St. Louis, “we are hopeful that his wrongful conviction is overturned.”

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