Things Not To Do While Contacting Customer Service

Good customer service is truly a blessing any company could offer to their customers. From minor technical issues to random queries we have regarding company, service, and product we contact customer support and get help immediately. It’s a company’s way of showing how much they value their customers and are ready to help at any time of the day, or in some cases night too.

While customer support service is there all the way to help you, you have some things to look out for too. A lot of people make these mistakes while contacting customer service so we have decided to highlight them and provide you with tips to avoid these mistakes:

Ask yourself if you really need help

Before contacting customer support consider the need to contact. Research your solutions to fix problems. Find smart ways out. Consider your urgency to get help. Look out for possible solutions to your problems. If it’s really something important, then feel free to contact the customer support service as they are there to help you.

For instance, if you have got an AT&T internet connection at your home and you face any issue with the internet speed, try to relocate your modem to the central point of your house or reboot it, chances are that the problem might be at your end.

And if you’ve tried and tested all the practical solutions to fix your speeds, and it doesn’t help then contact AT&T customer service. You will surely get something useful from their side. But your first instinct should always be to help yourself and resolve the issue on your own. If only there is something you have no control over, then consider contacting the support service.

Do not call during rush hours

If you want to get attended to quickly and hate waiting for a longer time on hold then avoid calling in rush hours. 4 pm to 9 pm are considered to be the busiest hours as more people are reaching out to customer support services. Try calling in the morning as wait times are 70 % shorter than the average during early morning hours.

Not only rush hours are a thing but there are also rush days to contact customer service too. Usually, Mondays are the busiest days to contact customer service as their wait hours will be longer and inconvenient. To have quick access to a customer support agent contact o Wednesdays and Thursdays. Chances are you’ll be attended quickly s service is faster in these days.

Do not come unprepared

The biggest mistake you could do is contact customer service without preparing or planning for what you’re calling. This will not only waste your time and energy in trying to explain your issue but also waste the customer service agent’s time too.

Do your research and check if you can troubleshoot the problem by yourself. Know why you’re contacting customer service. Make a list of all the things you’re contacting for so when you finally get to talk to a human representative you know what your stance is.

Do not be rude to the customer support agents

We understand how exhausting wait hours could be. When you kept waiting on hold for some time and finally get to talk to a customer service representative, try to stay humble. Understand that the other person is frustrated too from having a busy day. It’s not only you that is been struggling.

Being rude and taking all your frustration on a staff member will not take you anywhere. It will only put down your reputation. So where your customer service agents are willing to go out of their way to help you it’s your duty to be kind to them too. Try using terminologies like ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ while asking for a solution so it looks like you’re willing to solve it together.

Do not put the blame entirely on the service

Another mistake people usually make with customer service is they put all the blame for the inconvenience they have faced on the customer support agents. Know that the problem you’re facing is coming from the service, not the agents. They are there to help you out.

Also completely blaming the other party will only make you an inconsiderate person. Tell your customer service agent where you think you’re responsible for the issue and ask them humbly to help you with the rest.

Don’t forget to appreciate them for their help

Once you’re done getting help from the customer support service don’t forget to appreciate them for their efforts. Try providing them positive feedback. Even if your experience with the service was not ideal, try to leave constructive criticism for them to seek help.

This can act as a motivational factor for them as well as be an empathetic gesture from your side too. Appreciating customer service agents will also increase their productivity and they will more likely attend to you nicely the next time you reach out to them too.

Wrapping it up

While customer service agents are always there to help, we have some moral duties towards them too. There is no harm in reaching out to customer service but there surely are a few mistakes you must avoid while contacting them. Be polite and have patience with them; a few kind words from your side can make someone’s day.

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