Tom Segura Net Worth: Is He Well Known Stand-Up Comedy? Know More About Him!

Tom Segura Net Worth: Is He Well Known Stand-Up Comedy? Know More About Him! American comedian and actor Tom Segura have a net worth of $12 million. Segura and his wife Christina Pazsitzky are most likely best known for co-hosting the famous podcast “Your Mom’s House.” Additionally, he co-hosts the podcast “Bears, 1 Cave” with actor Bert Kreischer. Tom is well-known for his stand-up comedy, film, and television performances, in addition to his podcasting. It has been said that his comedic approach is observant, dark, caustic, and deadpan. He is a master of insult comedy as well.

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What Contributed To Tom Segura’s Success?

Tom Segura’s success in the entertainment industry is attributable to his humorous nature and adaptability. At the height of his popularity, he began collaborating with other well-known stand-up comedians, including Tony Toni and Kevin Hart. In “BET’s Comicview,” “This Is Not Happening,” and “Coming to the Stage,” he collaborated with these and many other notable figures. In addition to becoming a known face on BET, the comic became a prominent performer at festivals including “Melbourne International”, “The Comedy Festival”, “The Global Festival”, and “Just For Laughs Festival”.

Tom Segura Early Years

Thomas Segura Jr. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 16, 1979. A Peruvian mother and an American father with Spanish, Cajun, and French-Canadian ancestry raised him. Tom, who was raised alongside two sisters, performed well enough in high school to enroll in college, despite at least one severe drug incident. At age 18, he overdosed on GHB and into a brief coma. Thankfully, he healed. Throughout his lifespan, Segura has resided in numerous regions of the United States. Among these are the cities of Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Vero Beach, Florida. In North Carolina, he attended Lenoir-Rhyne University after graduating from high school.

Tom Segura Career

Tom Segura began his stand-up comedy career after graduating from college, performing at various events and venues across the country. During these early years, he did day jobs and performed stand-up comedy at night. These day occupations included logging, producing television show transcripts, and internships. As Segura’s success grew, he began performing at prominent comedy events and festivals. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Comedy Festival, the Global Comedy Festival in Vancouver, and the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival are some of these. In addition, he is well-known as a regional finalist for “Last Comic Standing 2.”

Tom Segura Career
Tom Segura Career

Tom Segura Relationships

Tom first met Christina at the Cat Club on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles when he was 23 years old. She was 26 years old. In 2008, they wed, and they have since welcomed two children into the world.

Tom Segura Real Property

Tom and Christina Segura have been very active in the real estate industry throughout the years and have created an impressive portfolio. In 2016, they purchased a property in Woodland Hills, California for $1,600,000. This property has a conventional design, a gated fence, hardwood floors, and a pool in the shape of a lagoon. In addition, there are five bedrooms and 4,619 square feet of living space in the home. They listed this home for $2 million in 2020.

How Did Tom Segura Obtain Such Wealth?

This television star became a fortune by starring in approximately 50 television productions as both a comedian and an actor. Tom was offered the comedian role on the chat show “Live at Gotham” in 2007 after several years of attempting to get national fame. His breakthrough occurred in 2009 because he was able to get more television chances. During that time, he appeared on “Russel Peters Presents,” “Cutman,” and “Atom TV,” among others.

Why Is Tom Segura So Popular?

Tom Segura rose to prominence after appearing in multiple episodes of “Live at Gotham.” He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 16, 1979. He is the third of Thomas and Charo Segura’s children. Thomas Segura Jr. was named after his American father, Thomas Segura Sr., who has Cajun, French-Canadian, and Spanish ancestry. In the late 1950s, his Peruvian mother came to the United States. Tom attended and graduated from Saint Edward’s School in the late 1990s.


Tom Segura is an established comedian who has appeared frequently on television during the past decade. In addition to performing comedy skits on talk shows such as “Conan,” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and “The Joe Rogan Experience,” headlining festivals and events around the United States, and producing his own podcast, he participated in over 50 television productions.

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