Tony Gwynn Cause Of Death: Did He Die From Cancer?

Among the San Diego Padres, Tony Gwynn Sr. was regarded as a living legend. In 2014, he died at the age of 54. We will talk about Tony Gwynn Cause Of Death in the next paragraph.

Tony Gwynn Cause Of Death

The health issues with Tony Gwynn Sr. began in 1997. He underwent three procedures to have a benign tumor from his parotid gland removed. He had to have lymph nodes and tumors from the gland removed after receiving a 2010 diagnosis of cancer of the salivary gland.

He couldn’t smile because it had largely paralyzed his face. He was proclaimed cancer-free and was able to grin again after receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In order to repair the nerve damage, he had to have surgery once more in 2012.

A recent tweet from MLB remebering Tony Gwynn on his birthday.

Gwynn frequently believed that his addiction to dipping tobacco was the cause of his disease. But he was unable to break the habit. Doctors said that chewing tobacco is not associated with parotid cancer after his death in 2014.

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However, a study that was published in the journal Head & Neck in 1986 discovered that smokers who used smokeless tobacco had an 11-fold increased risk of developing mouth and gum cancers when compared to non-smokers.

As a result, Tony Gwynn Sr. passed away from cancer. But it wasn’t necessarily brought on by his dependence on smokeless tobacco.

Tony Gwynn Career

One of the best in the baseball industry was Tony Gwynn Sr. He was known as “Mr. Padre” and was regarded as one of baseball’s best and most reliable hitters. He won the Silver Slugger Award seven times and was an All-Star 15 times. He had a reputation for being dignified and modest. He also played in the only two World Series appearances in San Diego Padres history and spent his whole career with the team.

Tony Gwynn Career
Tony Gwynn Career

He hit 135 home runs with a batting average of.338. In addition, he finished his career with 1,138 runs batted in and 3,141 hits to his name. Baseball lost a tragic player with his passing.

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