Travis Kelce, An Nfl Star, Attempted To Give Taylor Swift His Phone Number At Her Concert, But She Declined

The Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce tried to get this pop star to take his number, but it comically failed. Anyone trying it with Taylor Swift needs to have a ton of self-assurance and even more pride to handle the embarrassment when things don’t go as planned.

This Super Bowl winner genuinely meant it when he said he had tried unsuccessfully to persuade T-Swift to take his digits at her most recent show. Since when would someone voluntarily disclose that?

The NFL player went on to describe all that transpired during his ‘New Heights’ podcast this week after formulating his strategy to take a shot at the well-known singer during her Eras tour night at Arrowhead Stadium.

The singer of “Bad Blood” recently ended her relationship with The 1975’s frontman, Matty Healy, and is now newly single. According to Kelce, he manufactured friendship bracelets with his phone number on them in an effort to give her one of them.

Kelce added that he was disappointed to learn that Swift doesn’t meet with fans before performances and that this would prevent him from giving Swift his phone number.

He said: “I was bummed I didn’t get to give her one of the bracelets I made for her. I was disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings.”

He gave his brother Jason an explanation, saying: “She doesn’t meet anybody — or at least she didn’t want to meet me, so I took it personal.”

The fact that Kelce was so upset was hilarious to his brother, who teased him by joking that the singer was a fan of the Eagles instead and was upset about the Chiefs’ victory in the Super Bowl.

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However, Kelce ultimately took it all in good humor and expressed how amazed he was to see how many people came to the show. “I’ve only ever seen Arrowhead filled with that much fervor for Chiefs games, and everyone was all over her in pink and purple.”

It was crazy. It was a crazy show, he acknowledged. So even though he might not have gotten the gal, at least he saw our daughter perform!

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