Travis Kelce Girlfriend Break Up: Has It Lasted For Three Years?

Travis Kelce Girlfriend Break Up: Has It Lasted For Three Years? After an on-and-off relationship with Kayla Nicole for the better part of five years, Travis Kelce was recently dumped. Bizarre allegations and counterclaims, ranging from the exquisite to the absurd, have been made since the news of the breakup surfaced.

As a modern-day Scrouge, the Super Bowl winner is accused of making Nicole pay her way and making sure he wasn’t treated like a meal ticket. The only exception would be if it was a free school lunch that she had agreed to share.

The Twitterverse has responded to the reports of Kelce’s confusion with its customary style of satire:

Kayla Nicole’s close friends have been ready to push the narrative that the separation was solely the consequence of Kayla Nicole’s dissatisfaction with the TE’s penny pinching, and these friends have been keen to push this story. According to statements made by Kayla’s purportedly close friend:

Because Travis is such a miser, he never gave Kayla more than one hundred dollars during their whole relationship, which lasted for more than three years. Travis has an extremely low cost of living. In the beginning, he attempted to ‘prove’ to Kayla that she wasn’t with him for the money by demanding that she pay fifty percent of anything they purchased together. One half of each and every date, travel, and other activity.”

Now, alternate theories have started to emerge, and while they are fascinating in their own right, they are not the only ones. It has been suggested that the relationship came to an end as a direct result of a tirade that Kayla Nicole posted on Twitter directed towards Cam Newton, who had formerly played quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. During her tirade, she referred to the former Most Valuable Player as “an unemployed bozo,” among other derogatory terms. It would appear that Kelce was dissatisfied with Nicole’s behavior, and as a direct result, the two of them decided to end their relationship.

Travis Kelce Break Up
Travis Kelce Break Up

The statements that Cam made about women, which many people felt were both sexiest and insulting, were the root of Nicole’s conflict with Cam. Cam’s comments were about women. Nicole attacked Newton on Twitter, but it seems that Kelce thinks she went too far in her criticism of Newton’s behavior.

“I spent my childhood in a home with not two but three parents. The woman who raised me, the man who raised me, and my grandfather. And I was aware of the nature of a female. Not a bad b——! To me, being a woman means being able to handle your own responsibilities while also being able to accommodate the requirements of a guy. Right? And I think that a lot of the time, when you get that aesthetic of ‘I’m a boss b—-, Imma this, Imma that,’ what you’re really getting is a sense of entitlement. No, baby! However, you are not a good cook. You have no sense of when to keep your mouth shut! You have no idea how to follow the lead of another person.”

Finally, as if to add insult to injury, another rumor making the social media rounds is that Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s split was a result of her lack of talent in the kitchen. We can take it for granted that she won’t be hooking up with Cam anytime soon.

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