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Virgin River Season 4: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River Season 4: Renewed Or Cancelled? Virgin River on Netflix is the television equivalent of a warm embrace: It’s the ideal homey drama to curl up with, with small-town trappings reminiscent of Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights and an unforgettable ensemble of characters. Fans concur: Although Netflix does not disclose viewership data, the program is successful enough for Netflix to have discreetly extended it for a fourth season before the streaming service’s July 9 cancellation of Virgin River’s third season. According to What’s on Netflix, production on Virgin River’s fourth season began in late July 2021, just weeks after the conclusion of season three.

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Just two months later, in September, Netflix reported that Virgin River had been renewed not just for a fourth season, but also for a fifth. And by December, numerous cast members—including leads Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson—had stated that the fourth season was complete, which bodes well for the likelihood of season 4 premiering in mid-2022 (more on that in a moment!).

What Will The Fourth Season Of Virgin River Be About (Story)?

There are numerous unanswered questions in Virgin River Season 4. Mel is pregnant, but Jack may not be the father. Mark, her late husband, is a possible father. Sue Tenney, showrunner, told TV Line: “You’ll find out before the end of the fourth season.”

When Would Virgin River’s Fourth Season Premiere?

Our best guess is July 2022. This is why: This would be one year after the release of season three—Netflix like to release new seasons at the same time as previous ones if possible—and would allow the crew behind Virgin River sufficient time to put together the season, assuming that production for season four concluded in late 2021.

While it is true that Virgin River’s seasons two and three were released seven months apart, fans of the show should not anticipate the same short gap between seasons three and four. According to What’s on Netflix, “we’re presently expecting that Virgin River season 4 will premiere in 2022, most likely in Q2-Q3 2022 (somewhere between April and July 2022).”

Martin Henderson, a.k.a. Jack, revealed in February 2022 that he is now recording voiceovers for season four in post-production, indicating that the fourth season would be completed by the summer of 2022. “I’m back at work…finishing up season 4 and getting it ready for consumption.” “he captioned a photo on Instagram. Later that month, Breckenridge announced through Instagram Story that she had completed her season’s last ADR. (“For those of you unfamiliar with the term ADR, I believe it stands for Audio Digital Recording “She elaborated. “So, for example, if you’re working outside and there’s a lot of traffic, and we can’t hear what you’re saying, we have to go in post-production and match our dialogue to the screen in a sound booth.”)

However, there is some bad news: filming for season five, which was scheduled to begin in the spring of 2023, has been delayed. Breckenridge stated in an Instagram Live video: “We were originally scheduled to begin filming [season five] in March, but it was pushed back… I’m not sure. I’m not sure, man. I’m hoping we can begin in the summer.”

What Have The Cast And Crew Had To Say About The Fourth Season?


As I already stated, we will discover who shot Jack in season four…correct? Um…probably. “I always wanted it to be a slow burn,” showrunner Sue Tenney told Entertainment Weekly.


Tenney noted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Charmaine will have even more to deal with in season four, on top of the twins’ birth, her new marriage, and the upcoming custody fight.


Regarding Doc’s grandson, who appeared in Virgin River after season three: “It’s going to complicate, and it’s going to provide insight into Doc and Doc’s origins,” Tenney told Entertainment Weekly.


We’ll also see Lilly again, despite her tragic passing from pancreatic cancer at the end of season three.


Yes, as in Mel’s late husband Mark. We may see more of Mark in season four, although he is, well, deceased. Essentially, we may learn a great deal more about their marriage.

Virgin River Season 4

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Virgin River Season 4 Have Any New Cast Members?

Yes! Deadline announced on October 25, 2021, that two new cast members had signed up for the fourth season. One you’ll recognize immediately: Kai Bradbury, who we last saw as Doc’s long-lost grandson, Denny Cutler, at the season 3 finale.

The other will be a completely new face: Mark Ghanimé will play Dr. Cameron Hayek, the new doctor in town. According to Deadline, “Armed with eye-catching good looks, a razor-sharp mind, and a smile that could light up the planet, Cameron immediately makes a name for himself in town—particularly among the Virgin River ladies.”

Is There A Release Date Yet For Virgin River Season 4?

Regrettably, there is no confirmed release date for Virgin River Season 4. Season 4 was scheduled to begin filming in late July 2021. Alexandra Breckenridge stated on Instagram in February 2022 that another critical stage of the manufacturing process had been concluded.

Is This Virgin River’s Final Season?

No, Netflix has renewed Virgin River for a fourth and fifth season, ensuring that the fan-favorite drama series would continue for at least two more seasons.

How Many Episodes Will Virgin River Season 4 Contain?

On Instagram, Colin Lawrence and Benjamin Hollingsworth announced that Virgin River Season 4 will include two additional episodes, bringing the total to 12.

Where can I view Virgin River’s earlier seasons?

Virgin River Seasons 1-3 can be viewed on Netflix.

Virgin River Season 4 Trailer:

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