American Horror Story Season 11: Will It Air On Disney+?

Season 11 of American Horror Story is almost here, and fans are eagerly awaiting any new details

This anthology series, showcasing the best (and worst) of the horror genre, is proof positive that the crew isn’t afraid to branch out.

Honestly, who would have predicted that the show that introduced us to the world of cranking would still be going strong a decade after it premiered?

What do we know about the upcoming eleventh season of American Horror Story?

Red Tide set the bar high for the rest of the season, but Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Stories offshoot, Death Valley, fell short of our expectations. As a side note, that’s going to be back for season two.

Reddit theories aside, there’s no way Murphy will confirm this theory anytime soon.

Flashbacks will explain the story. John Landgraf: “Season 11’s concept is one story. It takes place in many timelines, but it’s one subject, one story, with a beginning, middle, and end.”