Charli Baltimore Net Worth: Is She Officially Broke Up?

It's estimated that Charli Baltimore, an American rapper, and songwriter, is worth a cool half a million dollars.

She earned her degree from Peirce University and then worked as a paralegal. It was then that she started seeing the Notorious B.I.G.

She was raised by her sister after the disappearance of their parents, and we get the impression that her basic needs were not met.

She has added considerable maturity to the songs and music that have come to Baltimore in recent years.

It was said that after his breakup with B.I.G., the rock star was seeing Lance Un Rivera. It is unclear if they were dating or not because of a lack of official records.

Charli has two children, India Lane and Sianni Lane, but their botanical name is a closely guarded secret.

While we can only speculate about her automobile collection, we can say with confidence that she and her daughters reside in a luxurious American house.