Chris Cornell Death: Why Did He End His Life?

After ingesting a variety of psychoactive substances, the frontman for Soundgarden took his own life by hanging himself in Detroit in 2017, when he was just 52 years old.

The final evening of the grunge legend's life started out normally. Soundgarden was on tour, having just reformed after a years-long sabbatical – much to the surprise of their fans

Cornell answered his phone at 11:35 p.m. when she called. Their chat didn't put her mind at ease, especially since he was stumbling over his words. You have to tell me what you stole, she insisted.

There was blood coming out of the singer's mouth and an exercise band around his neck when he was discovered. Fans suspected foul play even though his death was officially ruled a suicide by hanging

In spite of the fact that Chris Cornell's death has been officially considered a suicide, many unanswered questions remain. Still, there's no denying the tragic nature of his death.

He reportedly appeared to be frail in his motions, with one reporter noting, "He often staggered back and forth across the stage."

Vicky told Kirsten to kick the door down when security wouldn't let her in. Kirsten did as she was told and discovered a terrifying sight.