How To Watch Dragon Ball In Order? Know All The Facts!

Akira Toriyama is the mind behind the phenomenally successful Dragon Ball franchise, which has been running for almost 40 years and is still going strong today.

Dragon Ball is separated into canonical and non-canonical content. The canon is led by the first iteration of the Dragon Ball television series, and it has since expanded to include a number of spin-offs and sequels

However, the majority of the franchise's films, such as Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug and Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest, are anomalies; they make use of the franchise's trademark concepts, but they do not fit in with the overall narrative of the series.

Want to watch Dragon Ball in chronological order? Swipe up to know about canonical and chronological guide, as well as a list of places where you can view the saga

It's possible that some of the most devoted fans of Dragon Ball may look down on this way of watching the show

Funimation currently hosts the majority of the Dragon Ball series for online viewing. Dragon Ball Super can also be viewed online via streaming services such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Adult Swim.

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