Joel Osteen Net Worth: He Doesn’t Take Salary From Church!

Joel Osteen Net Worth: He Doesn’t Take Salary From Church!

Osteen is best known as the pastor of Lakewood Church based out of Harris County, Texas. The “prosperity gospel” he preaches and his personal wealth has made him a controversial figure.

When Joel was a kid, his father had a half-brother named Osteen from a previous marriage. In 1981, Joel graduated from Humble High School

Joel inherited his father’s Southern Baptist church and television career. He started Lakewood TV and produced his father’s sermons for 17 years.

Lakewood Church’s broadcast has expanded to 100 nations. Joel’s church and TV ministry are global. The church has 50,000 weekly visitors.

Two weeks following his father’s death, Joel became a preacher and televangelist despite having no religious training. Lakewood bought the former Houston Rockets arena in 2003.

It was on April 4, 1987, that Osteen and Victoria IIoff wed. The couple is blessed with two children. Older and younger members of Osteen’s family are participating in full-time ministry, as well.

He has noted that the church might occasionally focus on a single subject to the point of disregarding other matters, despite the fact that he normally avoids speaking on controversial and political issues like homosexual marriage and abortion