Married At First Sight Season 16: How Many Couples Are There?

What if a complete stranger asked you to marry him or her? For a new series on Lifetime, a group of relationship gurus searches for couples who are willing to get married to someone they have never met before.

It's still early in the production process for the next 16th season of Married at First Sight, which will take place in Nashville.

Season 16 casting has begun, according to a March 22 tweet from the show. The show's casting page invites Nashville singles to apply to appear on the show.

People who want to be considered for an appearance on the show must provide images, a 15-second video, and links to their social media accounts in addition to their application.

Following the completion of all of the study and experiments, we observe a panel of specialists pairing off the various individuals. The show offers everything necessary for a happy marriage

Non-celebrity participants are also involved in the series. These people attend the performance in the hopes of meeting a stranger and having some fun

"You need to be brave if you're getting married at first sight," Driscoll said. As a result, we're looking for people who have exhausted all other options for dating and are eager to give Married at First Sight a whirl. "