P Valley Season 2 Episode 4: Is It Released Yesterday?

First, a health authority from the city of Chucalisa visits The Pynk. Strip clubs have been shut down for not following pandemic requirements because an official was startled by a sneeze from a stripper

P Valley Season 2 Episode 4 Cast

– Brandee Evans. Mercedes. – Nicco Annan. Uncle Clifford. – Shannon Thornton. Miss Mississippi. – Elarica Johnson. Autumn Night. – Skyler Joy. Gidget. – J. Alphonse Nicholson. Lil Murda. – Parker Sawyers. Andre. – Morocco Omari. Big L.

The planned run time for this episode is one hour and thirty minutes. Despite the fact that Amazon Prime subscribers can see the show.



When it comes to selling The Pynk, both Andre and Hailey agree that the business is "simply a building."

During Andre's Atlanta visit, he discovers Britney having sex with a coworker. After a battle, he returns to Chucalissa.

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