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Power Season 7: Is There Any Season 7 Or Cancelled?

The Starz series POWER, which followed the fall of New York drug lord James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick, was a big success. But will there be another?

In total, Power lasted six seasons, from 2014 to 2020. Rather than the customary 10 episodes, the sixth and final season of Power included 15 episodes instead.

Season six was divided into two halves, with the first nine episodes broadcast in a single block, followed by the final six.

I was very excited to learn that Power Season 7 would be available soon. Every episode of the past seasons has been a joy to watch.

James, a drug dealer who also happens to be intelligent, is the show’s protagonist. To raise money, he alternates between running his drug trafficking operation and building a nightclub in his neighbourhood.

Trying to determine out this season’s storyline was a challenge because there are so many options. But wait, there’s a seventh season?

When it comes to the likeability of Power’s cast, how do they all stack up? As a result, the struggle for Power was never truly won, and that was part of what made it so compelling.