Prince William Cheating: Is He Cheating Kate Middleton?

The rumors that the Royal Family engaged attorneys to have all mentions of an alleged affair legally destroyed have resurfaced, and it appears that there may be a reason for that.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single day that goes by in which one or more members of the royal family aren’t the main story in the British press, which is fueled by their famous tabloids.

Today, all eyes are on Will and Kate, as well as the persistent gossip that he cheated on her while she was carrying their third child, Prince Louis. This is a particularly bothersome and pervasive allegation.

It’s not going over well with fans and royal watchers, who are enraged by this idea. With a surprising twist, they’re defending Meghan Markle against the prince online.

The media is all over Meghan Markle’s every move and blunder, but why isn’t anyone talking about the long-running allegation that Prince William had an affair with Kate Middleton?

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