Simpsons Death Note: Is It An Horror Anime?

The Simpsons, which is one of the most popular animated series in the United States, has never been one to avoid making fun of other shows when it was appropriate to do so.

This even includes anime, and it seemed inevitable that The Simpsons would return to the medium given the exponential growth in popularity that anime has experienced in recent years.

And as a result of a recent rumor that came out of San Diego, we now know that the comedy show intends to include a reference to Death Note in one of its specials that will air this year.

A fresh claim from San Diego Comic-Con suggests that The Simpsons may incorporate elements from the universe of Death Note into their upcoming Halloween episode

It should come as no surprise that The Simpsons has also paid tribute to other anime in the past. Back in season 26, the show included references to a wide variety of anime

And in the year 2020, the Treehouse of Horror special added a new dimension to the franchise with the introduction of a multiverse.

Now is the perfect time for The Simpsons to incorporate phrases from the Death Note into their lexicon. The popular manga that was adapted into an anime has been around for many years and is still considered a classic by fans.