The Boys Season 4: Are Cast Expected To Return?

Several new superheroes have been introduced in The Boys season 4, which is expected to begin production later this summer, according to the cast and showrunners.

As you see fit. There's a lot to look forward to in the Boys season 3 finale, which shook up the status quo. In the meantime, here's a rundown of what we do know about The Boys season 4 so far, in case you're curious.

The Boys season 4 plot specifics aren't confirmed, but the season 3 conclusion gives us a solid indication. The Boys are back together and bent on taking down Supes. Victoria Neuman is now their main antagonist.

You should be aware that this article contains SEVERE spoilers for The Boys season 3 episode 8.

This time, Starlight will help. After trying to improve things from within, she's now on team Butcher. He may require support after Temp V's repercussions.

The creator says, "They face DeSantis." "Part of the enjoyment of Season 4 is figuring out his strange ticking clock. So much remains undone." The showrunner said of Butcher

"These new Supes are among The Boys' best and strangest. They're awesome. Love means being terrified and nauseated. Welcome to the family!"