The Wheel Of Time Season 3: Is It Releasing Soon?

The Wheel Of Time Season 3: Is It Releasing Soon?

On Thursday, at Comic-Con, the streaming service announced that it has handed the fantasy series an early season three renewal.

Robert Jordan wrote the 14-volume series and The Shadow Rising is the fourth novel. Season 3 will be based on that book.

In May 2021, six months before the series premiere, Prime Video ordered a second season of the show. Season two of the show has yet to be announced by the streaming service.

Rafe Judkins and his crew have done a fantastic job of preserving Robert Jordan's vision and creating an amazing viewing experience for Prime Video subscribers

This epic world has been wonderfully brought to life on Prime Video thanks to Rafe Judkins and his fantastic crew, said Sony Pictures TV president Jeff Frost and co-president Jason Clodfelter

Daniel Henney plays al'Lan Mandragoran, Zo Robins plays Nynaeve al'Meara, and Madeleine Madden plays Egwene al Vere among the rest of the cast.

However, Barney Harris, who departed the show after the first season, will not be returning for Season 2 or 3.