Tisha Campbell Net Worth: Is She Singer, Actor & Dancer?

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Campbell has performed in numerous television episodes, films, and theatre productions during the course of her career.

Tisha Michelle Campbell was born on October 13th, 1968 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her full name is Tisha Michelle Campbell.

Tisha and Duane filed for bankruptcy in 2016, two years before they split up. According to the documents, the couple owed $15.1 million and had no assets

Tisha began her acting career as a child. When she was just six years old, she starred in a 1974 episode of “The Big Blue Marble.

Tisha traveled to Hollywood after graduating from high school in order to pursue her acting career. To her surprise and delight, she was promptly cast in the musical-comedy series

When Martin Lawrence starred in “Martin” in 1992, Campbell was cast as a supporting actor. Tisha had a bad experience with the part

She also found time to appear in the movie “The Last Place on Earth” during this same period. “Everybody Hates Chris” and ‘Rita Rocks’ gave her more regular parts on television.