Tom Cruise Dating Paris Hilton: It’s Just A Rumour!

A new video features Paris Hilton and an expert imitation of Tom Cruise talking about how the announcement of their relationship would rock the globe while the two of them dress up for a movie premiere.

Even if it appears like Tom Cruise is collaborating on several TikToks with Paris Hilton, viewers should be aware that this is not actually the case.

In a blog post published the day after the wedding, Hilton described her feelings about the festivities and her new role as a “new wife.”

He couldn’t cry, she explained, because it would force her to break down in front of her walk. “Of course, he shed a tear, but I believe my tears came before his. That’s when I knew I’d found my prince charming.”

Hilton recently married 41-year-old entrepreneur Reum in a “real fairytale wedding” in November 2021, while TikTok does a wonderful job of misleading viewers.

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