Who Is Nick Cannon Dating: Is His Ex Kim Back To Him?

During their relationship, which lasted from 2006 through 2007, Cannon and Kardashian were introduced to each other by West, who was a rising star at the time. Kardashian was one of West’s close pals.

Tee, the presenter of the show, was taken aback by the information, as it seemed that the rapper known as “Stronger” almost stole Kardashian away from him

The actor from Wild ‘N Out explained that he and Kanye West were good friends, and that’s why, when West started claiming that his friends had turned on him in his social media rants

In the end, the comic has no ill will or animosity toward the man who is a father to four children.

“To sit there and hear Kanye say all that s**t about everybody… I was like. What about me, you ask? I am the one that put you in touch with her!

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