Your Honor Season 2: Is There No Another Season?

When Bryan Cranston was cast in Showtime's Your Honor, he shed his Walter White persona for the Israeli TV series Kvodo, a compelling courtroom thriller.

Season 2 of Your Honor will be the final season for fans of the program, which is a shame, but why? Everything you need to know can be found in Newsweek.

The shocking conclusion of the first season, in which Michael's son Adam was killed by Eugene, will be continued in the upcoming second season (Benjamin Flores Jr.).

In spite of the fact that Carlo was found not guilty of Kofi's murder, Eugene set out to exact his own form of retribution for Kofi's passing.

He was armed with a gun and fired a shot at Carlo, but the bullet went wide and hit Adam in the neck instead. Adam, sadly, passed away while being held by his father.

We'll also be seeing more of Big Mo in Season 2

Your Honor Season 2 Trailer