What Did Kim Burrell Say? Has She Made Fun Of Church Folks?

What Did Kim Burrell Say? Has She Made Fun Of Church Folks? In the iconic scene from the film Wildcats from 1986, starring Goldie Hawn, an African American cheer squad can be heard chanting: “Ugly, you ain’t got no alibi. You ugly!”

This classic footage always gets a good laugh. However, with the release of a video in which Grammy-nominated gospel musician Kim Burrell implies that some churchgoers may be physically unattractive, she is receiving criticism rather than amusement about her comments.

In the beginning of her introductory remarks, Burrell, who is 49 years old and who was just recently a guest vocalist at Pastor Brian Carn’s church, defended the notorious host pastor, who has been involved in his fair share of scandals.

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“Most people don’t understand his mind because he is the embodiment of truth, and he tells the kind of truth that makes most people uncomfortable. After all, who likes to be told that you’re merely ugly?” I questioned Burrell about his experience with backlash in 2016 after he referred to homosexuality as “perverted.”

“No one likes to be told that, especially when they have realized it,” remarked the woman whose vocal stylings have been described as having elements of gospel and jazz. “Most people don’t feel offended until they know the negative thing about themselves, and then somebody else recognizes it and says, well, I saw the ugly, too. That’s when they get upset,” she said. I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know.”

However, the video’s low resolution makes it difficult to tell, and the crowd’s response seemed tepid. “You’re all beautiful,” Burrell added. So far, I haven’t made anyone unattractive. It’s a good thing to believe in God. God is a wonderful and wonderful thing. You’re all gorgeous, by the way. Many of you are already wearing hats that hide most of them. To you, I toast.”

Some have defended Burrell, the self-declared “Beauty Czar,” arguing she was simply “joking” when she picked an unpleasant and improper approach to prepare an audience’s hearts for worship.

Brooke Hamilton, a reader of EEW Magazine, stated, “People need to loosen up.” As far as I know, her comments were not meant to be taken seriously at all.” But she had no intention of hurting anyone. That’s not to say she should have begun a missionary engagement this way. “At least, that’s not my impression.”

Others, on the other hand, saw Burrell’s statements in a completely different light.

According to a Facebook post by renowned businessman John Moore, “she did all of this shortly before she was ready to sing and attempt to take the church into worship.”

The truth is that Kim has always had a bad taste in her mouth. A church pays her to trash people, and she has been doing it for a long time. Asked why church leaders are allowed to interact with members in this manner, he answered, “I have no idea.”

In 2014, Burrell was accused of being “nasty” and “mean” while serving as a judge on BET’s gospel singing competition Sunday Best.

Also in 2019, the Christian star was attacked for claiming that gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson was the “true singer” when comparing R&B artist Fantasia Barrino’s talent to that of gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson.

Moore, a self-described “executive leader in Corporate America,” said of Burrell’s recent controversy, “I would not have a job five minutes later if I started out a meeting with my staff and called them all ugly and depressed them in a group environment.”

What Did Kim Burrell Says
What Did Kim Burrell Says

“Kim Burrell needs treatment for all that anger and evil in her heart,” wrote Ricky on Twitter. “She’s a far cry from the Christ I serve.”

“As someone who grew up Catholic for 18 years and then converted to Baptist in college, it was folks like Kim Burrell that drove me to leave the faith totally,” Gabrielle Perry tweeted.

Clearly, the public doesn’t take Burrell’s remarks as harmless entertainment at face value; they view them as damaging and unfunny.

Her actions were taken out of context and everyone in the room “understood it,” according to Burrell in a response video.

“I’m simply enjoying my life,” she continued. At this moment, I’m having a good time and am at ease. I intend to have a good time in this life. Everyone who is still juvenile and immature because of Kim Burrell’s vibe from four or five years ago, let it go. Be free. Allow yourself to be unrestricted in your actions. “Stop that.”

Another EEW Magazine subscriber, Patricia Salters, believes that it is Burrell who ought to step down.

According to Salters, ‘encourage one another and build one another up is a command in 1 Thessalonians 5:11. In the future, I hope Kim will remember the wisdom of this Scripture and use it to her advantage when she has to speak in front of a group of people.

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