What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws: What is Big Chief Doing Now?

What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws: Famous for his role as Big Chief on the high-octane racing series Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, Justin Shearer is a household name. But he hasn’t been seen on the show in a while and he’s skipping the next season of America’s List…

There will be nearly $900,000 up for grabs and 15 races for the fastest racers in the United States. Many people tuned in hoping to see Big Chief don his racing outfit and bring home some trophies, but he never appeared. He also won’t be on the next episode of America’s List, which he has already said won’t air.

Fans were left wondering what had become of him and why he didn’t appear on the Discovery show. We moved quickly and found all the indicators that led to his escape.

What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws?

In April 2022, Big Chief announced his departure from Street Outlaws and gave his supporters a glimpse into his future in a YouTube video. He claimed he went there to compete on the 405. show and was ordered to remain for one extra day to film the finale. He had eight months to figure out what was wrong with his automobile.

He went on to say that while he was thrilled to be appearing on America’s List, he did think that “some of the [racing] rules needed to be modified.” “Street racing is my life,” Big Chief proudly proclaimed. Many folks think I didn’t have the cash or didn’t make the cut, but I went on down and had no trouble getting in.

It seems like every year there’s a new “combination” that everyone must adopt. I’m not like that person. I’m not the switching up my set since that’s reportedly what the quickest players are using these days. As the saying goes, “If my s*** isn’t fast enough, I work on it, and I spend money on it.”

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Who is Big Chief On Street Outlaws?

Actor Justin Shearer is a member of the cast. H is well-known for his skilled performances in the video games Street Outlaws: America’s List (2021), Seratonin (2010), and Street Outlaws (2013). Street Outlaws: America’s List was released in 2021, while Seratonin was released in 2010.

What Happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws

In addition to being a race car driver for a living, he is 42 years old. Team 405 has him as a member. When he was 10 years old, he took his first driving lesson. Because of his enthusiasm for auto racing, he launched a second career on television.

Where is Street Outlaws’ Big Chief?

After departing Street Outlaws, Big Chief devotes his time to Midwest Street Cars. He uploads many videos to YouTube in which he customizes automobiles, races them on the track, and even drives on the street. His firm even has a Patreon for devoted followers to contribute to.

At the beginning of 2022, he announced to his social media followers that he would be taking time away from the program to focus on his family, the workshop, and some much-needed relaxation. He has already announced on Instagram that he will miss the most recent episode of America’s List. Big Chief and his partner Jackie have often said they no longer wish to be involved with Street Outlaws.

On Instagram, a supporter posed the question, “So how’s giving up everything working out for you?” to Big Chief. In response, the former Street Outlaws star exclaimed, “I’m loving every minute of it!”

What is Big Chief Doing Now?

Big Chief continued to compete in various races, including the daily driver competition, RC car racing, and a Cash Days RC competition, in which he triumphed. His old Instagram bio stated that he was a “Street Outlaws” RaceMaster and a full-time goofball/race car driver; however, he has now updated it to say that he is a “Professional Street Race Enthusiast.”

Additionally, he invited public members to schedule him for races, exhibitions, and appearances; however, this provision has since been withdrawn. If you look at his Instagram, you’ll notice that he is also concentrating on his YouTube channel, Midwest Street Cars, where he is working on constructing his new vehicle.

It would appear from his girlfriend Jackie’s Instagram page that the two of them have made it back to their hometown. When asked about America’s List, he confirmed that he is “sitting this one” and that he respects the decision made for Shawn to be the racemaster.

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