What Happened to Brit on Crime Junkie: Does Brit Prawat Have a Health Problem?

What Happened to Brit on Crime Junkie: Crime Junkie is a podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and Britt Prawat, and it can be found on the audio chunk, which is a podcast network that focuses on women. Listeners who are interested in true crime can get lost in all of the gory details of the podcast by subscribing to audiochuck. Since 2017, the two have been working together as co-hosts of their crime podcast, which currently has millions of listeners tuning in on a monthly basis.

The two friends have known each other since they were infants, and now they produce weekly episodes for listeners who are interested in crime from their home in Indiana. The episodes are geared toward people who are interested in crime. In the year 2022, viewers of the television show Crime Junkie are all curious as to what became of Britt Prawat; as a result, let’s find out more about how she is doing and find out how she is doing.

What Happened to Brit on Crime Junkie?

In May of 2022, Ashley Flowers discussed what had recently occurred to Brit on the podcast that their group of friends produced. During the segment of Crime Junkie titled “Important Message,” co-host Ashley Flowers broke down in tears as she said the following: “With Britt’s permission, she wanted us to tell you what happened this past week.

Britt experienced a sudden bleed in her brain, which ultimately led to the formation of a clot in her brain. Over the course of the past week, she was required to undergo a series of brain surgeries in order to have the clot removed. Fortunately, despite the fact that I’m crying, she managed to get out of each of them. I’ve made a few trips to that location in order to see her. She is able to communicate and move about freely. I have no doubt that she will be all right.”

In addition to this, Ashley stated that she “didn’t even know how to start” the podcast and that she felt as though “her whole world was underwater.”

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Who is Brit Prawat?

On the podcast known as “Crime Junkie,” Brit Prawat serves as a regular co-host. According to the website Crime Junkie, she is a mother to two children and also has two dogs with names Niles and Roz. According to her bio on Crime Junkie, Brit has worked in the past for a private investigation firm, and she is the one who first got Ashley Flowers interested in listening to podcasts in general.

What Happened to Brit on Crime Junkie

Her wiki page also includes the following sentence: “Brit grew up on a diet consisting primarily of episodes of America’s Most Wanted and Forensic Files.” You can find Brit on Instagram at @britprawat, where she has over 215,000 followers. In her bio, she mentions both the fact that she is an “adoptee and adoptive momma” as well as the fact that she married her high school sweetheart, Justin Daniel.

What is the Story of Crime Junkie?

Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, both of Indianapolis, co-host the true-crime podcast Crime Junkie. In order to satisfy your weekly true crime audio addiction, be sure to listen to the newest episode of Crime Junkie. To provide the idea that you are sitting around a kitchen table with your best friends discussing a recent incidence of criminal behavior, Ashley Flowers will tell you about the crime that has kept her up at night every Monday.

A case involving a woman who was discovered dead in her house has been keeping her up for the past week. The story is straightforward and free of distracting sidebars, making it easy to follow along and ensuring that the exciting events remain so throughout.

Brit Prawat Illness Neurological Disorder Condition

A number of people have been astonished to learn that Brit Prawat, the star presenter of the show crime addict, is suffering from a mental disorder. On May 4, 2022, Ashley Flowers, who was the CEO of the audio chuck at the time, was the first person to inform the general public about the position that Brit Prawat was in.

According to Ashley, she had a small hemorrhage in the brain last week, which resulted in the creation of a clot in her head. This happened before she went to the hospital. In addition to this, she had three brain surgeries in the week preceding May 4, 2022. Ashley disclosed that Brit was exceedingly fortunate to be able to escape the scenario, and Brit was able to thank Ashley for her escape.

Because Ashley has not yet provided you with all of the pertinent information, you will not be able to learn everything there is to know about her health concerns from reading this post. It can be challenging for her to adjust to this new circumstance.

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