What Happened To Mahomes: Why Mahomes Departed The Game To Receive Additional Medical Care?

Even though Patrick Mahomes sprained his ankle badly in the first quarter, he returned for the second half and led the Chiefs to a 27-20 Divisional Round triumph over the Jaguars.

After offloading to Kelce, Mahomes was dragged down by the Jaguars’ Arden Key, whose weight caused Mahomes’ ankle to bend awkwardly.

The Chiefs started the game with their original quarterback, but Chad Henne came in for the next drive. Mahomes was officially designated as Questionable to return by the Chiefs, but he started the second half at quarterback.

What Happened To Mahomes?

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Mahomes got an x-ray while off the field, and the results showed that he had suffered a high ankle sprain. After getting the injury, Mahomes immediately stood up and jogged over to the sideline for medical attention during the 30-second break.

He played for the rest of the first quarter despite clearly limping and then got strapped up after the game. The drive culminated in a field goal for the Chiefs, giving them a 10-7 lead. Why Mahomes departed the game to receive additional medical care?

Why Mahomes Departed The Game To Receive Additional Medical Care?

Mahomes was overheard telling the Chiefs’ coaching staff that he “was good” after the drive, but he missed the next drive to receive additional treatment in the locker room as the Jaguars drove the field. While Mahomes was being treated in the locker room, Chad Henne led the team on the next drive. On the drive that resulted in a touchdown, Henne was in command and completed 5 of 7 throws for 23 yards.

Mahomes’ outburst was accompanied by a clear display of frustration, as he threw his jacket to the ground and argued with the Chiefs’ coaching staff. He returned to the field with noticeably thicker ankle strapping.

Mahomes was hobbling but still managed to scramble for yards on several snaps after receiving treatment at halftime and returning for the Chiefs’ opening drive of the second half. The Chiefs defeated the Jaguars 27-20 with him on the field for the entire second half. To know about the early life of Patrick, read the next paragraph.

Patrick Mahomes Beginnings

Patrick Mahomes Beginnings

Randi and Pat Mahomes, a former MLB pitcher, had Patrick Mahomes II in Tyler, Texas, on September 17, 1995. He played baseball, basketball, and American football at Whitehouse High School in Texas.

His senior year football record was excellent. He had 15 running scores, 50 passing touchdowns, 948 rushing yards, and 4,619 passing yards. He played baseball well. He pitched a 16-strikeout no-hitter. MaxPreps awarded him “Male Athlete of the Year” afterward.

Mahomes attended Texas Tech University after high school. Detroit Tigers drafted him in 2014. He chose football over the “Detroit Tigers.” When he began her career as an NFL player, keep reading.

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Patrick Mahomes NFL Career

Mahomes began his college football career against the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. He replaced injured quarterback Davis Matthew Webb. He started his debut game against the “University of Texas at Austin” Texas Longhorns.

Mahomes started the remaining three games after completing 13 of 21 passes in his debut game. He tossed 598 yards and six touchdowns against the Baylor University Bears. He pitched relief for the Texas Tech Red Raiders baseball team in addition to football.

He started at quarterback in his second year (QB). He won the 2015 season opener against “Sam Houston State University” with four touchdown passes. He tossed four touchdowns and ran for two against the “UTEP Miners” of the “University of Texas at El Paso” to help his team win. He has 36 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, and 4,653 throwing yards in 2015.

Mahomes quit baseball to focus on football before the upcoming season. He set many records against the “Oklahoma Sooners” on October 22, 2016. He averaged 421 yards and 53 touchdowns. He received the “Sammy Baugh Trophy” and “Academic All-American 2nd Team.”

He entered the 2017 NFL Draft on January 3. He was Sports Illustrated’s second-best quarterback, ESPN’s third-best, and NFL Draft Scout’s fourth-best before the draught. He was a highly sought-after draught pick due to his stellar college record. He had 18 private workouts and visits with the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Chargers, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cleveland Browns.

Kansas City Chiefs drafted him in the first round. He was the Missouri team’s first first-round quarterback since Todd Alan Blackledge in the 1983 “NFL Draft.” He joined the “Chiefs” on July 20, 2017, for $16.42 million. He helped the “Chiefs” beat the “Denver Broncos” in his starting debut.

The Chiefs traded Alex Smith on January 30, 2018. Mahomes started the entire season after the team traded Smith.

He completed four touchdown passes in his first game as a starter and helped his team win “Los Angeles Chargers.” He was selected as AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

He set an NFL record for most touchdown passes in a quarterback’s first three games against the Steelers. In the same game, he broke another “NFL” record for most touchdown passes in the first two weeks. He became the first quarterback since 2011 to earn two consecutive AFC Offensive Player of the Week accolades at the start of the season. AFC Offensive Player of the Month.

He won against the “Denver Broncos” with 304 passing yards, a rushing touchdown, and a passing touchdown in his fourth week as a starting quarterback. Despite four passing touchdowns, 352 yards, and two interceptions, his team lost to the “New England Patriots” in the sixth week.

The “Chiefs” defeated the “Cincinnati Bengals” in their next game. He threw four touchdowns, 358 yards, and one interception. He then defeated the “Denver Broncos” with four touchdowns, one interception, and 303 throwing yards.

Mahomes became the second quarterback to throw 50 touchdowns and 5,000 yards in the 17th week of the 2018 season against the Oakland Raiders. He is one of seven NFL players to pass for 5,000 yards in a season.

Mahomes started his first postseason game on January 12. He helped the Chiefs win their first home playoff since 1993 with 278 passing yards and one rushing score against the Colts. The win gave the Chiefs their first AFC Championship game since 1993. The final game was lost to “New England Patriots.”

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