What Happened to Mike in Sing 2: What Sing 2 Is About?

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2: The 2016 animated film Sing was an immediate box office hit. The heartwarming tale, catchy tunes, and upbeat message all struck a chord with audiences at a time in history when prospects were grim.

And among the numerous memorable characters in the film, Mike the Mouse (Seth MacFarlane) rapidly became a fan favorite. In addition to his (arguable) egotism and wealth, his appeal came from his swagger, impeccable taste in clothing, and lofty goals. Since the original Sing film made over $634 million worldwide owing in large part to its music and star-studded ensemble, the announcement of a sequel was met with a little surprise.

Everyone was bound to wonder what happened to the mouse gambler who sang “My Way” to the tune of Frank Sinatra. Oddly enough, Mike isn’t included in any of the trailers or posters for the film. The fact that he plays no role in the movie is great to me.


What Happened to Mike in Sing 2?

Since Mike’s absence from Sing 2 was never addressed in-universe, viewers have conjured up their theories to account for it, most of them including Mike’s death. His financial resources may have been depleted through gambling, making him an easy target for the bears.

Lots of others are certain he was gang-raped (in real life). A user named u/itsamemario o submitted a screenshot of a search result on Reddit, claiming that it proved that director Garth Jennings had verified that Mike had been gang-raped before his death. Yet, it’s difficult to picture a G-rated film having a plot point where the main character dies onscreen. Assuming you have access to Photoshop, you could have easily altered that post.

An acceptable answer is proposed in another discussion on Reddit. u/Guiee raised the subject of whether Mike lived or died in the first film when considering Sing 2. In response, u/RiffRaffe wrote: “No. After the screening, I had a chance to speak with director Garth Jennings, who hinted that he would bring Mike back for another feature. He gushed at Seth McFarlane’s singing and acting, but said he was finished with the role.

Thank goodness for this logical explanation! In addition, it fuels speculation that Sing 3 is in development. Here I am, holding my breath.

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Who Is Mike From Sing?

In the movie “Sing,” released in 2016, Seth McFarlane provides the voice of Mike the mouse, whose self-absorbed objective is to win the monetary reward of $100,000. Mike is completely unaware that Buster Moon’s former assistant, Miss Crawly, made a mistake in the fliers that resulted in a reduced price of only $1,000.

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2

Mike believes that the money is rightfully his to keep, so he spends it on a flashy new car and wins it back by deceiving a gang of Russian bear mobsters during a game of cards. The bears are not pleased to be duped, and as a result, they end up following Mike to Buster’s theater, where they learn, much to their dismay, that he is unable to pay off the loan.

After Mike’s powerful performance of “My Way,” the bears return, and they drive off the mouse in his brand-new automobile by chasing it down and scaring it away.

What Sing 2 Is About?

The events of the first movie have been resolved, but Sing 2 starts up a few years later. The prospect of increasing his production and further developing his staff excites Buster Moon. He is unsuccessful in his attempt to win Suki, a talent scout, over. Despite this, the group is certain that it will be successful in its performance at Redshore City.

In addition, he is willing to go to any lengths to achieve this goal, such as attempting to entice a former rock star named Clay Calloway to appear on his show after the latter has officially retired from the music industry.

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