What is Thursday Dating App? How Does the Thursday Dating App Work?

When Match.com opened its virtual doors in 1995, the idea of online dating started taking shape. Match.com was one of the first websites to pioneer the notion. Fast forward to the year 20 years from now reveals that dating apps are now the dominant force in the dating world landscape.

Do you have any experience with Thursday Dating App? A brand new dating application is now available for download for those individuals who are weary of matching with people they will never actually get the chance to meet. If you haven’t done so, it will behoove you to become familiar with this software; after all, there’s a good reason for all the noise surrounding it!

What is Thursday Dating App?

It is only on its namesake day after midnight that the Thursday dating app comes to life, revealing potential daters in the user’s immediate vicinity. The site sleeps for the other six days of the week. After that, users have one day to set up an in-person date with a potential suitor, converse with them, and match with them.

Much time and effort go into modern dating, but the results don’t necessarily equal all of that effort. The idea behind this app is that modern dating is already a taxing endeavor because of all the time and energy put into it.

On Thursday’s website, the co-founders of the app claim, “It’s a fact: people are spending too much time on dating apps” (opens in new tab). “The entire experience is lackluster, and the pressure to find “the one” is tedious. But that’s not the only problem. When did it become something to be embarrassed about if you weren’t dating anyone? Thursday is where we come in to play here.”

The following is the rest of the statement: “We developed an app that allows users to accomplish everything they want from online dating in a single day, making Thursday the only day of the week when singles can meet, communicate, and match with one another. Why? For the simple reason that there is more to life than using dating apps.”

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What is Thursday Dating App

Thursday is a day that rewards spontaneity and, more importantly, quickness. Matches and conversations will be erased when the clock strikes midnight on Friday, so you only have 24 hours to take action before they are gone forever. Cinderella, you’d better get moving if you want to find your prince, for time is running out!

How Does the Thursday Dating App Work?

Any good dating app requires a profile. The Thursday dating app demands users upload a photo of their passport or driver’s license to verify their identity and prevent catfishing.

After verification, users are “locked out” until Thursday, when they can see other users on a map of their chosen area. For safety, your location is never revealed. Browse their profiles, swipe right, and chat. Start with this expert online dating advice. Thursdays allow 10 matches.

An Instagram Stories-like function lets daters direct-message short video snippets to potential partners. Stories and other Thursday dating app content are deleted after 24 hours.

Singles Can Meet Online

Thursday was created by long-time friends George Rawlings and Matt McNeill Love, who were bored with the existing options for mobile dating and decided to develop their app. Their research discovered that most people looking for love were disappointed by online dating since it was time-consuming and challenging to make meaningful connections.

Therefore, they chose to cause a stir in the industry.

That’s not to say we have to go on dates or anything. It’s not a tedious task. Getting your ‘happily ever after’ is not a competition, nor should you see it as such. As opposed to viewing it as a chore, dating should be treated as something exciting and anticipated. Blog post from Thursday.

Honeypot was their initial product; it was a dating software that used users’ current locations to set up dates at any time of the day, any day of the week.

They went back to the drawing board when Honeypot failed. They examined Honeypot data and noticed a rise on a specific day, which led them to wonder, “What if the app was restricted to just one day a week?” Voila. “It’s a Thursday,” Jess announced.

At first, Jess followed Honeypot, and later, Thursday, before finally connecting with George on LinkedIn. Jess was a freelance video editor and content producer in the summer of 2021 when George approached her about freelancing for him and his company during their launch season. That led to her accepting a position as Thursday’s Digital Creative Lead, which she now does full-time.

I was interested in working for the company because of the innovative approaches and creative advertising campaigns they launched. Jess, a single woman, found the novel approach to dating refreshing since “the notion made so much sense.”

Jess also works on innovative app promotion strategies.

“In one, I sat on a chair in the heart of London while holding a placard that read, “Got DUMPED. Dislike mobile dating apps. Are any Thursday singles interested in a fancy? In a hurry? Sit down. Sweetie xoxo Jess informed us that “it turned out to be incredibly popular, both in person and online.”

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