What Kind of Cancer Does Nightbirde Have: Is He Still Alive or Died?

What Kind of Cancer Does Nightbirde Have: Sadly, America’s Got Talent star Jane Marczewski, who was only 31 years old, lost her battle with illness and passed away today. The vocalist, who sang under the stage name Nightbirde, took part in the talent show during its 16th season in 2021. However, the vocalist was forced to withdraw from the competition due to health issues halfway through the competition.

Jane, who is originally from Ohio, had a remarkable performance during her audition, which not only astonished the judges and audience but also earned her a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell, which automatically advanced her to the quarterfinals of the competition.

What Kind of Cancer Does Nightbirde Have?

During her performance on America’s Got Talent on November 23, 2018, contestant Jane “Nightbirde” Marczewski disclosed that she has been given a diagnosis with breast cancer. Before this, she had been given a diagnosis of the condition in June; but, just prior to her appearance on the show, her physicians had cautioned her that cancer had already spread and was beginning to affect her spine. It was estimated that she had a 2% chance of surviving the ordeal.

Since that time, Nightbirde has been quite open about her battle with cancer and has discussed it in greater detail on many social media platforms. At the end of the day, she was a courageous fighter who was resolved to win her battle against cancer. The fact that cancer she had been diagnosed with had spread to multiple organs made it exceptionally challenging for her to lead a regular life.

She continued to produce songs and give performances right up until the moment she passed away, in spite of the fact that she was battling cancer. On February 19, her family issued a statement through NBC confirming her passing away after a lengthy illness.

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Nightbirde Biography

On the 31st of December, 1990 found Jane Marczewski was born in Zanesville, Ohio, in the United States of America. Although Jane is her given name, the public generally refers to her as Nightbirde. Concerning her parents, her father’s name is Mitchell C., and her mother’s name is Sharon Marczewski. This brings us to the subject of her family.

Her upbringing was shared with her six other siblings: Jason Marczewski Jr., John Marczewski, Andrew Marczewski, Michael Marczewski, and Mitch Marczewski Jr. There is no information available on the high school that she attended, however, she received her degree from Liberty University in 2013.

What Kind of Cancer Does Nightbirde Have
What Kind of Cancer Does Nightbirde Have

We are going to continue looking into her background to see if we can find any new information, and if we do, we will put it on this page, so make sure you remain in contact with us.

What is Nightbirde’s Cause of Death?

Jane “Nightbirde” Marczewski, an actress, recently passed away from cancer. She was 31 at the time, and she’d been sick for four years. After it metastasized to her spine, lungs, and liver, doctors only gave her a 2% chance of life. She said that her illness was “brutal” in her final update. Her passing has shaken the cast and crew of “AGT.” Despite being unable to perform due to her illness, she was determined to overcome it.

Her voice moved millions, and her boldness and daring were lauded by A-listers and the “Voice” coaches. Nightbirde died of cancer, however, the specific kind is unknown. In 2017, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her condition has recurred with metastatic spread to a new location. Spine, lung, and liver cancer were also identified in Nightbirde’s body.

A mere two percent probability of survival was given by physicians in 2017. However, by the year 2018, her disease had spread to other organs, and physicians gave her a prognosis of just three to six months. In 2020, however, and shortly into 2021, she was cancer-free.

Nightbirde Career

Research indicates that in 2021, Jane released two extended plays (EPs) and two singles each. In addition to that, she was awarded the GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent (AGT). In 2011, when she was still free, she had her first public performance and uploaded a song to her SoundCloud account. Nightbirde also came out with three extended plays in 2012 under the name ‘Lines.’ In these releases, she performed the acoustic guitar.

In the vicinity of 2013, Marczewski distributed an EP called Ocean & Sky that consisted of six songs and was funded through Kickstarter. After getting married in 2014, Jane eventually settled down in the state of Ohio. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2015, and it was then that she first began performing on stage under the name Jane Claudio. Her husband is her producer at this point in time.

In August of the year 2020, Nightbirde Jane Marczewski received the news that she had a second cancer diagnosis. During that exact period, she published the song “IT’S OK.”

Nightbirde Net Worth

It is estimated that Nightbirde’s net worth is somewhere in the region of ten million dollars. The majority of her professional and financial success may be attributed to her work as a musician. Her song “it’s okay” has accumulated more than 5 million plays across Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes, since she sang it on America’s, Got Talent.

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