When Is The New Season Of Outer Banks Coming Out? Everything You Need To Know

When Is The New Season Of Outer Banks Coming Out? Super Soon? Outer Banks Season 2 was released a year ago this month, and we’re eagerly awaiting the third season of the Netflix drama. Working class Pogues (Chase Stokes) and their elite class Kooks (Jason Sudeikis) continue their treasure search in Season 3 as tensions rise even higher following Season 2’s finale.

As John B. puts it, the “lowest member of the food chain,” the series is set on the North Carolina Outer Banks and centers on a gang of teenage Pogues. John B. and his buddies set off on a voyage to uncover the mystery of his father’s absence, but they soon find themselves in a battle with the Kooks.

It aired on April 20, 2020, and the second season was published on July 30, 2021. Here’s what we know thus far regarding the third season of Outer Banks:

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Outer Banks Plot/Story

Let’s quickly review what happened in the second season of Outer Banks and how that will impact the third season.

The conflict between the Pogues and the Camerons is expected to continue, with Pope most likely desiring to regain possession of the golden cross that has been taken. As they run away from the enormous warship, Pope tells them, “it’s not over,” as they make their way to a deserted island in the distance for safety. They make the decision to remain on the island, although it is quite unlikely that they will be there for very long, especially considering that their family has already reported them missing.

It is also possible that Pope will continue his investigation into the relationship between his family and the Cross of Santo Domingo.

It was revealed in season 2 that Ward Cameron had staged his own death, and he is currently attempting to hide from the authorities. After a couple of run-ins at the conclusion of the second season, including John B sparing his life, it’s probable that Ward will continue to play a vital role in the conflict going ahead; but, the question remains: will he get caught?

The most pressing inquiry leading up to the start of season 3 is around how and why Big John has returned. It would appear that he is alluding to the fact that he is aware of the location of Denmark’s Cross despite having been diagnosed as “half-dead.” In the future, what kind of an impact will he have? Now all we can do is wait and watch what happens.

Outer Banks Cast

New cast members for the upcoming season were announced on June 23 by Netflix. A “ruthless Caribbean Don on a treasure quest of his own” is Andy McQueen’s character, Carlos Singh. Lou Ferrigno Jr., who plays Singh’s top security officer, will appear with McQueen in the film. Fiona Palomo will play Sofia, a “self-identified pogue who builds a close connection to Rafe” in Season 3, Netflix adds.

Madelyn Cline, Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Austin North, and Charles Esten are all returning cast members for Outer Banks Season 3 in addition to Chase Stokes By way of Deadline, Carlacia Grant has been elevated to series regular status as Cleo, the latest member of the Pogues’ core gang.

We also know that the key cast members returning for season 3 include:

  • Chase Stokes
  • Madison Bailey
  • Jonathan Daviss
  • Madelyn Cline
  • Rudy Pankow
  • Austin North
  • Charles Esten
  • Drew Starkey
Outer Banks Cast
Outer Banks Cast

Outer Banks Release Date

However, thanks to the previous season’s production schedule, we can begin to predict when the next season will arrive.

Between August 2020 and April 2021, the second season of Outer Banks was filmed and will be released four months later, in July 2021. Netflix might release season 3 of Stranger Things in December 2022 if production proceeds according to plan with no setbacks. We expect the Outer Banks to be back by February 2023 at the earliest.

Outer Banks Trailer

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