Where is Carl Lentz Now: is It True That Lentz S*xually Molested the Family’s Former Nanny?

Where is Carl Lentz Now: Millions of regular people all around the world are fixated on the idea of megachurches as a result of the critically acclaimed and darkly comedic show The Righteous Gemstones, which airs on HBO. Fans are seeking for new material to consume despite the fact that the program has been taken off the air since the completion of its second season. The good news is that there is a documentary series on Discovery Plus that will satiate their appetite for controversial preachers.

Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed is a documentary series that consists of three parts that sheds light on the myriad scandals surrounding the church, including allegations that the church engages in abusive and unethical behavior. The broadcast devotes a significant amount of attention to discussing the former pastor of Hillsong Church, Carl Lentz. Where is he at this time? Let’s find out!

Where is Carl Lentz Now?

Over the course of the past several years, a significant amount of attention has been concentrated on the behaviors of a number of the most renowned leaders connected with Hillsong Church. In the documentary series Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed, which is accessible on Discovery+, one of the issues discussed is Carl Lentz’s decision to step down as lead pastor of the church.

Carl oversaw the pastoral staff of Hillsong New York City, a church that was attended by important members of the public like Kyrie Irving, Kelvin Durant, and Selena Gomez, amongst others. Carl was in charge of the pastoral team. It is possible that Lentz’s association with Justin Bieber played a significant role in the climb to prominence that he experienced as a preacher. As a direct consequence of Justin, both Pastor Lentz and Hillsong have reached an even higher degree of notoriety in their respective fields.

As a result of Lentz, who considers herself to be a fashionista and a tattoo enthusiast, people’s conceptions of what a person who holds a position of authority in a church ought to look like have been altered. When it became public knowledge that he had been carrying on an affair with an actress from New York by the name of Ranin Karim, his entire world came crashing down around him.

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Who is Carl Lentz?

In the United States, the name Stephen Carl Lentz is frequently heard in connection with the field of ministry. Carl Lentz was a well-known pastor who was looked to for spiritual direction by a great number of prominent people, including Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez, amongst others. GQ refers to him as a “hype priest” in one of their articles.

Where is Carl Lentz Now
Where is Carl Lentz Now

After having served as the main pastor of Hillsong NYC until the 4th of November, 2020, when he was fired by Hillsong Global Pastor Brian Houston for “leadership challenges and breaches of trust, as well as a recent disclosure of moral shortcomings,” he was no longer employed by the church after the church found out about his moral failings. On May 31, 2021, Lentz’s former nanny claimed that he had s*xually assaulted her, bullied her, and abused his position of authority in inappropriate ways.

What Happened To Carl Lentz?

Carl Lentz, the leader of the New York City chapter of Hillsong Church and a pastor to a number of celebrities, reportedly came to popularity in the city, as reported by The New York Times. It wasn’t until TMZ exposed his friendship with Justin Bieber that Lentz became a household name outside the church (above). Lentz eventually gained his own level of fame. After announcing Lentz’s firing in 2020, Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston stepped down.

To his Instagram followers, Lentz said, “I was disloyal in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life.” Former nanny and church member Leona Kimes made allegations of s*xual assault, manipulation, and bullying against the discredited pastor in a Medium post in 2021, as reported by NBC News. Kimes did not identify anyone by name in her Medium essay, but she told Religion News Service that the individual she was talking about was Lentz.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that Lentz has refuted her claims. Since his dismissal, Lentz has not spoken out. More than 600,000 people follow him on Instagram, where he last posted in 2020 to announce his retirement from Hillsong Church. The Daily Mail reported in November that the Lentzes had begun marital therapy.

Where is Carl Lentz’s wife now?

Carl’s adultery and subsequent firing from Hillsong led to his instant dismissal, although his wife Laura stood with him the whole way. Despite this, she is open about the toll that the scandals and claims against her husband have taken on her mental health.

And on Instagram on September 14, 2022, Laura said, “It has been tough and hell sure it’s taken a LOT of effort over the past 22 months (but who’s counting) to make our marriage what it has been, & we will never stop working on ourselves, for our marriage and for our kids!” On, Laura said “I’m well aware that many people neither do nor would ever consider doing what it is that I’ve chosen to do; that’s OK; my path is not the one for everyone

. I’m excited to explain what happened to us and why I got to that conclusion; I believe it will be useful to many. However, my spouse has my utmost respect and admiration for accepting this duty. I’m most appreciative of a man who kept his mouth shut and didn’t try to justify himself publicly, but instead prioritized our family above everything else.” Carl turned 44 recently, and his wife Laura says he’s going to have a “good one” this year.

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