Where is Hurby Azor Now: Pepa Says That Hurby is the Third Person in the Group

Where is Hurby Azor Now: If you are interested in finding out what Hurby Azor is up to these days, you can tune in to Lifetime on the 23rd of this month to view some of his most recent work. The successful music producer is one of the co-executive producers of the forthcoming Salt-N-Pepa biopic that will air on Lifetime TV. He recently served as a judge on the Haitian talent program Digicel Star of Stars.

In addition, the role that takes place behind the scenes makes perfect sense. According to AllMusic, not only did Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor co-write the hit song “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa, but he also discovered a “successful formula of pop-crossover rap production” that helped the ’90s hip-hop trio become multi-platinum sensations. “Push It” was released by Salt-N-Pepa in 1996.

 Where is Hurby Azor Now?

Hurby is currently working in the music industry, where his responsibilities include the creation of new music as well as the discovery of up-and-coming musicians. His work as a producer may be seen in the recently released historical movie “Salt n’ Pepa,” which mentions his credit on the app Distractify.

He was involved in the production of this movie. In the not-too-distant past, he appeared as a guest on the well-liked Haitian show “Dogicel of Stars,” where he acted as a judge for one of the competitions.

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Who is Hurby Azor?

Who exactly is this Hurby Azor? He is a music producer as well as a rapper, and other names for him include “Fingerprints” and “Luv Bug.” He was instrumental in the development of popular pop-crossover rap. In addition, Hurby Azor is one of the most well-known music producers, and he is credited with assisting Salt n’ Pepa in locating their voice and realizing their full potential.

On September 26th, 1964, Hurby Azor was born in the country of Haiti. He went on to collaborate with a wide variety of performers after Salt n’ Pepa’s triumph in 1985 propelled him to the forefront of the music industry.

Where is Hurby Azor Now
Where is Hurby Azor Now

His work for Salt n’ Pepa, “Push It,” became a chart-topping hit and was nominated for several accolades. As a soundtrack designer, he has also contributed his talents to a number of different television series. Some of his most famous works have been used in successful movies and television series, such as Stepsisters and Mike & Mike, amongst others.

Hurby Azor Career

In terms of his professional life, he is a very skilled musician. The 1980s marked the start of his professional life. He became famous after joining the combo Salt-n-Pepa in 1985. He worked as a song producer with artists such as Dana Dane, Sweet Tee, and Kwamé. In 1987, he wrote the hit single “Push It” for Salt-N-Pepa, which reached number 19 on the US Billboard.

It has also been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Next, he wrote the film’s theme song, Let’s Talk About S*x, which was performed by Salt-N-Pepa. Moreover, he made appearances in a wide variety of music videos, including Sweet Tee: On the Smooth Tip, Kid ‘n Play: 2 Hype, and Dana Dane: Nightmare.

He has also worked on the scores for well over a hundred other TV shows. Shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Step Sisters,” and “Mike & Mike” all use his television compositions. His stellar professional track record earned him high regard and a prominent profile in the industry.

Pepa says that Hurby is the third person in the group

The film’s executive producers, Salt, and Pepa discussed Hurby’s role in The New York Times. Salt told the newspaper, “Truth is truth.” Hurby was our man. My boyfriend when we met. We absorbed his artistry. I couldn’t sing. Never musical. I adore hip-hop because Hurby let me explore my hobbies.

“I was put in the studio when Hurby decided I would become Pepa,” Pepa said. Hubby visualized it. He demanded a precise manner of expression. I initially struggled with the rhythm. Finally, I understood. “Our chemistry was combustible on so many levels,” Salt said. “Pep often says, ‘Hurby is our third.’ Pep and Hurby fought often as kids. Music and dance erupted with creativity, emotion, and drama.

In the age of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, everything is possible. “We went through a Hurby,” Salt told the New York Times. You required a man camp’s approval once. Social media and other platforms have made it simpler for regular individuals to become famous.


  • Azor contributed to Salt-N-“Push Pepa’s It” by composing the music, playing the keyboards, and singing background vocals. Songs by the band, including “Let’s Talk About Sex,” were written by him.
  • The 1995 hit track “Anything for You” by Snow was co-written and produced by him.
  • As a hip-hop response song to Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew’s “The Show,” “The Show Stoppa” was recorded by Azor and Salt-n-Pepa (then known as Super Nature) in late 1985. He has also worked with musicians such as Dana Dane, Sweet Tee, Kwamé, and others.
  • On September 26, 1964, Haitian artist and hip-hop music producer Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor was born. His alias is Fingerprints. Azor is most known for finding and producing the groups Salt-n-Pepa and Kid ‘n Play.

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