Where is Rick Singer Now: is Rick Singer in Jail?

Where is Rick Singer Now: The college admissions fraud that began to surface in March 2019 involved several well-known people and their children. “Operation Varsity Blues” was the official codename for the incident. Dozens of parents bribed William “Rick” Singer, CEO of The Key Worldwide Foundation and The Edge College & Career Network, so their children may be admitted to elite schools by dishonesty.

The parents, with Singer’s facilitation, committed fraud by bribing their children’s teachers and coaches to inflate their standardized test scores artificially or by bribing school authorities to gain admission for their children to elite athletic programs.

Many people were interested in the operation after it became public knowledge that wealthy children were offered enrollment preferences over less fortunate ones. The real mastermind behind the bribery scam, Rick Singer, has yet to serve in prison despite receiving far more media attention than Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli, and Felicity Huffman. Please let us know Rick Singer’s whereabouts if you have seen him recently. Here are the latest details on this unfolding case.


Where is Rick Singer Now?

The Netflix documentary finishes with the news that college admissions fraud mastermind Rick Singer has pleaded guilty and is serving time in prison. He could no longer take advantage of the “back door” offers he had received from universities. The singer admitted to participating in a racketeering enterprise, a money laundering enterprise, a fraud scheme against the United States, and an obstruction of justice scheme in March of this year. He was able to get out on bond after they put it at $500,000.

It has been reported that Rick Singer is currently cooperating with authorities. According to the film, the FBI could eavesdrop on phone calls he had set up between himself and his “clients.” A criminal record for Rick Singer does not exist at this time. He might spend 65 years in prison, have three years of supervised release, and pay a $1.25 million fine.

A month after submitting his guilty plea, the singer sold his Newport Beach, California property for $2.52 million. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston reported that the defendant entered a guilty plea and agreed to turn over the money from the sale to the federal government. The house is said to feature a butler’s pantry, a gourmet kitchen, a spa bathroom, and a fire pit.

Meanwhile, he enrolled in college for himself, which is ironic. In an “effort to improve his life for the future,” as his lawyer described, the musician enrolled at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. By the time he would have been sentenced, in 2020 or 2021, he had hoped to have completed his doctorate in psychology. There are reports that he dropped out of school after only eight months and barely finished five of the twenty courses he was enrolled in. The singer allegedly had three B’s and an A and had written the first chapter of his dissertation when he was sued.

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Who is Rick Singer?

It is believed that the singer was born in Santa Monica, California, in the year 1960. He began his athletic career at Trinity University, located in San Antonio, Texas, after spending his childhood participating in various sports. According to USA Today, he participated in basketball and baseball teams, and his “ultra-competitive streak” made him a “lightning rod” on campus. He was a member of both teams.

Where is Rick Singer Now
Where is Rick Singer Now

In the 1980s, Singer turned his vigor into a career as a coach at Sierra College, a junior college close to Sacramento, California. It is believed that Singer’s initial foray into the world of college recruitment occurred during his time at Sierra. Jeff Caraska, a columnist for the Auburn (California) Journal who interviewed Singer in 1988, stated in an interview with USA Today that Singer “was selling the idea to parents that ‘I can get your kid’s name out there and increase their chances of getting a Division I or Division II scholarship.'”

Caraska was quoted as saying that Singer “was selling the idea to parents that ‘I can get your kid’s name out there and increase their chances of getting a Division I Caraska stated to USA Today that at that time period, “no one was doing that, at least [not] around here.” “And I heard from many parents that they were quite pleased about it.” Ultimately, Singer decided to devote all of his time to collegiate counseling rather than coaching.

Is Rick Singer in jail?

Of course, I have no vested interest in jails. Still, it seems reasonable that a man who bribed universities with millions of dollars from about seven hundred and fifty families would be behind bars. William “Rick” Singer, the scheme’s architect, has, so far, avoided punishment. Why? One of Singer’s paid college administrators switched and became an informant after the FBI and IRS learned of Singer’s “consulting” company in an unrelated securities case.

When the FBI finally caught Singer, he decided to turn informant on all of his clients. Although the disgraced coach pled guilty in 2019, his trial will not occur until he has finished working with federal prosecutors. When exactly that will be is anyone’s guess.

What we do know is that Singer made $25 million off of bribing student-athletes and that parents paid anywhere from $15,000 to $75,000 for fake test results, according to court filings (opens in new tab). Obstructing justice, money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and racketeering were all among the charges levied against him.

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