Where To Watch Idiocracy? Is It Streaming On Hulu?

Where To Watch Idiocracy? Is It Streaming On Hulu? It is difficult to envision what the world will be like in the year 2505; yet, one may reasonably presume that there would have been astounding technological developments, improved ideals, and highly educated minds. The movie Idiocracy from 2006, on the other hand, takes an abrupt left turn by departing from that premise.

The dystopian science fiction comedy directed by Mike Judge and having an all-star comedic cast, Dumb and Dumber portrays the systematic dumbing down of America and has since gone on to become a cult classic. Hulu has recently acquired the film and is making it available to stream for viewers who have not seen it before as well as those who are interested in viewing it again.

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What Exactly Happens In The Movie “Idiocracy”?

The events of Idiocracy begin in 2005, when Corporal Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), a United States Army librarian, is selected to take part in a military experiment in which he will be placed into sleep in suspended animation for a period of one year. The selection of Bauers is based on the fact that he is an average Joe. Rita, a prostitute played by Maya Rudolph, is recruited to serve alongside him because the military was unable to find a suitable female applicant to fill the role.

It is generally agreed that Bowers is one of the most typical people in the Army. He has average looks, and average intelligence, and lives an absolutely average life. He is a typical example of the average man. However, as fate would have it, the cop in command of the experiment is imprisoned for running a prostitution ring after becoming connected with Rita’s pimp, Upgrayedd. If it weren’t for this unfortunate turn of events, the experiment most likely would have been successful.

After then, Bauers and Rita are forgotten about for the next 500 years while they remain suspended in their chambers. After being startled awake by a landslide that was produced by a garbage heap the size of a skyscraper, however, the two are now a far cry from what might be considered “average.” The process of natural selection was inadvertently reversed, which resulted in clever people being bred out of existence gradually while less intelligent but more fertile generations reproduced at an accelerated rate.

Now, everyone in the world is a complete and total moron, and Joe and Rita are all of a sudden considered to be the smartest man and women on the planet. Idiocracy chronicles the exploits of the two protagonists as they navigate this brave and dumb new world and seek to save it.

What Exactly Happens In The Movie Idiocracy
What Exactly Happens In The Movie Idiocracy

Who Should Watch This Movie?

Idiocracy’s detractors are quick to point out the inherent elitism in the film’s central premise, which is that those who are better off financially and intellectually should choose not to have children, while those who are less fortunate are held responsible for populating the world with their inept offspring. On the other hand, the razor-sharp satire is what contributed to the picture receiving a positive overall rating of 76 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to a review that was published in the Los Angeles Times by critic Carina Chocano, “Judge has a flair for delivering biting satire in the trappings of low humor and for making heroes out of ordinary people.”  Not to mention the fact that Idiocracy ought to be an easy win for fans of Judge’s past ventures, such as Silicon Valley, King of the Hill, and Office Space, to name a few examples.

The show Idiocracy is now available to stream on Hulu.

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