Where To Watch Shark Week 2022? Is ExpressVPN Top Pick?

Where To Watch Shark Week 2022? Is ExpressVPN Top Pick? As we lay down the what, where, and how of Discovery’s Shark Week 2022, you’re going to need a boat that’s significantly larger than the one you have, and our guide to streaming Shark Week couldn’t hurt, too.

If you dare, dive into our Shark Week streaming guide for the most wonderfully over-the-top period of the year.

In the beginning, you may wonder why a television channel would devote a whole week to a single type of animal, such as the Discovery Channel(opens in a new tab) in this example. Because, well, sharks are just plain awesome. Wow, what an odd bunch of people! It’s possible to find sharks as little as those you might hold in your palm and as large as the largest known sharks in the world.

At the same time, sharks are one of our most misconstrued creatures, in no small part due to our inability to travel very far into their underwater habitats. We’re learning more about these elusive creatures thanks to advances in technology that allow scientists and thrill-seekers alike to approach closer than ever before.

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Shark Week is also a lot of fun since you get to watch the sharks feed and hope that one or two of the hosts will fall into the ocean. No, not at all. It’s only a tad, though.

All of this is taken into account during Shark Week, which provides programming that plays to all of these desires by placing sharks in the spotlight. Even though the Discovery Channel is known for titillating viewers, it also aims to educate them about the dangers facing shark ecosystems, correct erroneous claims that they are “manhunters,” and discover what makes sharks unique. It doesn’t matter if the episode titles are a little over the top, as long as there is solid research to back it up.

Shark Week has a lot going on, but you probably don’t have the time to see it all. The following Shark Week streaming guide will help you decide which shows are worth watching.

What Is The Next Shark Week In 2022?

From July 24th through the 30th, there will be an annual festival of fish with razor-sharp fangs. If you know someone who’s only known a world without Shark Week, this will be the 34th time it’s been held. Without a doubt, the first and most well-known pro-shark celebration is NatGeo’s SharkFest(opens in new tab).

Even though Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an absolute unit, he cannot bench press a Great White: This year’s master of ceremonies. Great whites can weigh ten times as much as The Rock, who can bench press 450 pounds (204 kg) on an average day. People, that’s the kind of information you get from watching Shark Week! Aren’t you enjoying yourself?

As a play on people’s fear of sharks at the beach, Shark Week was originally created as a marketing strategy to attract people to tune into Discovery Channel’s mid-summer programming block. Since then, Shark Week has established itself as a respectable phenomenon. There is no doubt that Shark Week has done more than anything else since “Jaws” to promote public awareness of sharks, from television appearances on 30 Rock to merchandise (opens in new tab).

Every year, more than 30 million people tune in to see celebrities like Guy Fieri and Rob Gronkowski feed sharks, gawk and be amazed by these magnificent fish. As a bonus, some of the world’s most stunning settings, such as Turks & Caicos, the Azores, the Bahamas, and South Africa, participate in Shark Week programming.

What Is The Next Shark Week In 2022
What Is The Next Shark Week In 2022

In Order To Watch Shark Week 2022, Here Are The Instructions:

You can only enjoy Shark Week with a group of pals while singing shark songs and eating a big slice of shark cake while gathered around a television. Shark Week can be viewed live on the Discovery Channel if you have cable or satellite television service. For those who want to watch content online, you’ll need a Discovery+ subscription (opens in a new tab). The good news is that Discovery+ is currently giving two months of access for the low price of one dollar (opens in new tab).

Even better, Verizon users can get six months of Discovery+ for free with certain plans (opens in a new tab). It’s free to see all of Shark Week’s material whether you’re already a client or considering making the move to another cell service. Neat.

If you’re unable to access Discovery+ in your present location during Shark Week, we have a solution for you as well – a virtual private network (VPN). Accessing geo-restricted content is made possible with the use of a virtual private network (VPN). Streaming services headquartered in the United States are accessible from anywhere in the world. There are other VPN services available, but ExpressVPN is our top pick.

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