Whitey Bulger Death: How Many Men Were Charged In Prison?

Whitey Bulger Death: How Many Men Were Charged In Prison? On Thursday, prosecutors revealed that they had indicted three men in connection with the beating death of incarcerated Boston gangster and convicted murderer James “Whitey” Bulger.

On Wednesday, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of West Virginia announced that Fotios “Freddy” Geas, 55, Paul “Pauly” DeCologero, 48, and Sean McKinnon, 36, were charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in the death of Bulger, who was murdered almost four years ago while incarcerated at the US Penitentiary Hazelton in West Virginia.

In addition to his 11 murder convictions, Bulger also had extortion, money laundering, and drug dealing on his record when he was locked up with the other three inmates at the Hazelton jail.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Bulger was in charge of Boston’s notorious Winter Hill Gang. When he was informed of the impending indictment in 1995, he went into hiding and eventually became one of the FBI’s most wanted. After being indicted and hiding for 16 years, he was finally located and arrested. The lawless rule of the gangster would inspire Jack Nicholson’s character in Martin Scorsese’s film “The Departed.”

According to the statement made by the office of the district attorney, Geas and DeCologero are suspected of killing Bulger, who was 89 years old, by repeatedly beating him in the head in October of 2018.

According to the statement, Geas and DeCologero are charged with aiding and abetting the commission of first-degree murder as well as assault leading to serious bodily damage. This is in addition to the accusation of conspiracy. According to the statement made by the office, Geas is also charged with murder by a federal inmate who is now serving a life term, and McKinnon is charged separately with giving false statements to a federal agent.

Whitey Bulger Cause Of Death
Whitey Bulger Cause Of Death

Both Geas and DeCologero are currently being detained in custody by the federal government; however, Geas is being held at the Hazelton federal correctional institution. According to the statement, McKinnon was on supervised release before he was taken into custody on Thursday in Florida.

CNN is doing an investigation to establish whether or not the guys have legal counsel.
Rachael Rollins, the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, issued a statement of support for the families of Bulger’s victims after the indictments were handed down.

Rollins said in a statement, “He was a serial murderer, and each mention of his name is a trigger to the families he devastated, reopening wounds that we can only hope had finally started to heal.” This was in reference to the fact that each time his name is mentioned, it causes the families to be triggered. “In the cruelest of all ironies, Bulger’s family has had to endure the horrible grief and trauma that their relative inflicted on far too many people, and the legal system is now providing assistance to them,”

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